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Can Prayer stop weapons?It may sound hard to believe, but it has happened. All the world remembers the vigil to avoid American bombing in Syria wanted by Pope Francis 7th September 2013. It was a great media hype, but was undeniable the effectiveness of the supplications to avoid a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. Weapons voice was silenced by the power of prayer.

It is never useless pray for peace. The promoters of the initiative are convinced involving children in every part of the world, “from Italy to Germany, from Pakistan to Iraq, from the Czech Republic to Kenya, from Chile to Myanmar”. This idea, proposed by the Pontifical Foundation “Aid to the Church in Need”, is simple:to ask your small childre to pray the Rosary, following the suggestion of St. Pio of Pietrelcina: “If one million children pray the rosary, the world will change.” It ‘s impossible to say how many guys joined this initiative. The Pope repeats to stop this senseless third world war  there is no question that, in addition to the indispensable diplomatic action, we have to ask God for the gift of peace. God appreciates especially children prayers, he listens the voice of children with an attentive ear.  ACS is involved in diffusion of rosary in the little ones, and for them has created a small text entitled “Children We pray the Rosary,” since 2009 it has been translated into eight languages, published in 600,000 copies diffused worldwide.

9 am is the time chosen for the Marian prayer, it is not the most suitable because Kids are at school but ACS said that the meaning of this initiative is not purely devotional. The logic is to engage children to create an international community starting from the school to talk about important issues such as the persecution and wars, with a sort of non clerical involvement. In general it is not only for Catholics or Christian, even if it is born in this context it is open to all the organizations involving children, starting with the families. Moreover, the Pope Francis  vigil for Syria was not limited to the Catholic world.Following this example, the Rosary promoted by ACS wants to be a driving force to form a great community that is opposed to the network of terror, hatred, armed conflicts.

The prayer initiative was born 11 years ago, in fact the Foundation has not created it but it has supported and relaunched it worldwide. This year, the main focus is Syria tragedy. Omran Daqneesh photo, the Syrian boy of five years shocked, covered in blood and debris, and sitting in an ambulance, has recently been around the world and it is still alive in our memory.What will be the future generations who are now living their childhood in these extreme conditions? How we can help them? “. The creation of this praying community “transnational” is a first response “to Omran Daqneesh, and all children, To live in contexts where justice and peace are basis for human life”. Children for Children, to reach at least the  caress to  who is immersed in suffering, in pain, death, and seems not to have even a chance to dream a different future.

It is a coincidence, but in conjunction with the initiative we received the news of the stop to the Russian air raids on Aleppo in view of the humanitarian truce planned for Thursday 20 from 8 to 16 to allow to evacuate the sick and injured persons. Pope Francis asked it more and more. Sure, it’s a very minimum goal; the UN said that it is not enough, but it is a first step. Diplomacy and prayer can help to achieve an objective that now seems far away. The Syrian population is at its lowest, not only the part under the Russian bombings. It’s a few days ago the desperate cry launched by the Carmelites, right through ACS, on the dramatic situation of the western part of Aleppo as Assad’s regime tries to push through the area as normalized (a video, then removed, invited tourists to travel to the city).There are bombings and mortar attacks with many civilian deaths. The hope to end  this massacre that has lasted more than four years is still alive. The prayer is essential to Aleppo children and all over Syria to still have a future.

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