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It all begins with a look, with an exchange of jokes.  Then you move to “we can feel, we can see and you get closer. Time goes by and the senses prevail over reason, you are out of control, an obsession towards the other becoming essential. When the victim understands may be late, but you can stop before. According to a new study most of  the girls between 17 and 22 years are unable to understand the real danger behind a particular behavior as the personality disorder. It is essential to rely on who really knows this reality to understand the difference between simple advances and stalking, as Nazzareno di Vittorio,  Colonel of the “Carabinieri” expert in criminology and  legal forensic studies  for the protection of victims and the intervention strategies and collaborator of “Conipi” (National Confederation Private Investigators) in particular – Cyber Stalking-.

Is the stalking phenomenon growing ?

Mr Nazzareno di Vittorio :

“Yes, we have to think about  silent persecution forms and all front page cases. There is an uncontrolled, new form of Cyber Stalking. What are the first signs that should be assessed?Towards simple forms of freedom coercion or dubious attitudes, we need to be extremely vigilant.There is a method developed in Canada called “Sara” (Spousal Assault Risk Assessment) to prevent and evaluate the risk of ‘interpersonal violence between partners’.This method allows us to easily understand if a person can use again violence against the partner”.

Are there not real victims maybe?..or even more..How many reports/complaints turn out to be unfounded?

“We are observing a series of false accusations, with the entry of specific stalking regulations,  derived from real ‘war’ in the conflicting separations context between spouses or employment disputes. The investigators described alterations of the relationship and psychopathological disorder in the family at the time of separation, and it continues after the divorce”.

We always talk about women victims, but why men are not mentioned?

“There are women who use physical or psychological force to achieve their purposes,for these women it is unthinkable to be refused. It happens very often and especially in the working space to submit to psychological pressures from “boss-women”, but we never hear any complaints because men don’t like to talk about it”.

Cyberstalking:How it’s done?

“The virtual shadowing can be done through illegal access to electronic victim device (smartphone, tablet, computer), sending e-mails containing malicious code, through the bluetooth or contact with the victim device. Once login, (without your permission)it can be installed special software and the victim could ever know, Spyware is an example.Its purpose is to collect information on activities, such as call listening or monitoring of sms and mms and  their contents.Remote activation of the web camera or cameras, microphones. Finally, the agenda control of the victim’s commitments, including websites visited. All this information is collected and sent via Internet and it will be used in investigations for the search of the source, from which the cyberstalker originated”.

Technology is accidentally providing new horizons to potential virtual stalker…

“Exactly. Another example are the Keyloggers, which can be both in hardware and software. This tool captures what a user enters on the keyboard of your smartphone, tablet or computer, the data is collected and sent over the internet. Other software provide to geo-location of the phone, using data from the “global positioning system”, GPS. Another way to run the virtual stalking could be provided by the victim using social networks. The risk is that the cyberstalker can choose to switch between virtual life and the real one, becoming  dangerous “.

Can you contact private institutions to prove being victims of this crime?

“Stalking is a social phenomenon that is faced by a” network “of organizations and also the Private Investigators can be a full part of this network.Due to the spending review the police can not get to shadow or doing long surveys for many cases. The private detective is always assisted by a lawyer and he is able to provide proof that will be proposed later. There are also facilities that offer psychological support. “

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