Kamikaze attack at a Baghdad checkpoint: 10 dead and 25 injured The attack was not claimed but probably there is Isis behind the massacre.

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Medical and security sources report that 10 people died and 25 were seriously injured in the kamikaze attack against a checkpoint of Iraqi police in the south of Baghdad.

According to security sources mentioned by Iraqi television “al Sumeria ” “a suicide bomber detonated his car full of explosives while passing a Shiites fighters  procession in a police check point in al Yussufiya area”, 15 kilometers south of the capital. Medical sources mentioned by the same broadcaster said the explosion “caused the death of at least 10 people and injuring another 25, including security officers, civilians and Shiites fighters”.

The attack has not been vindicated but behind the massacre there is  probably Isis. During these hours, The Caliphate, is undergoing the offensive by Mosul forces , the second city of the country and last stronghold jihadist in the country. It could be a decisive defeat for “Al Baghdadi” men.

Isis lost many cities conquered in the last year: Kobanî, in northern Syria, conquered by Kurdish militiamen on January 26, 2015. Tikrit, Iraqi Sunni city, birthplace of Saddam Hussein, the first important achievement of the Iraqi army after the defeat of 2014 (April 1, 2015). The historic city of Palmyra, fall army advance of Bashar al-Assad backed by Moscow raid. Al-Qaryatayn, where once lived a Christian community, which was sold to the Syrian army last April, and the great Iraqi city of Fallujah,  fall in June.

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