Wasting time the right way

  • Italiano

Most of our activities cannot be assessed according to categories of economic efficiency. Suffice it to see how much time we dedicate to work and to everything else, including the rest. This situation is even more complex when you consider how many jobs can be done in a mechanical and programmed manner. We have more time available and we want to use it in the best possible way. But how? Doing pleasant things, things that make us feel good. Many people dream to be able to do what they want.

But are we sure we make good use of the minutes and hours we have available? Those who do many things think they have plenty of time, while those who do nothing feel like time slips through our fingers. Obviously there are different activities we cannot avoid. But there is also a lot of free time, many “holes” to fill!

The virtue of attention (or watchfulness) concerns exactly the way we use time. What matters the most is awareness, the right intentions and the right decisions, which can be difficult and heroic at times. And yet, in an increasingly erratic and negatively surprising society is catching a different attitude: the art of wasting time.

How much time do we lose because of traffic jam, because of bureaucracy, or to meet other people… So many hours lost in job interviews, on the phone or sending text messages on WhatsApp. How many times we would like to do something, but refrain, because days never seem to be enough? These are the things that make us angry and we do not only lose good humor and patience, but get an opportunity to make our true nature emerge.

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