Corbyn and his mission impossible

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With Jeremy Corbyn, we can say that the DNA of the British left wing has changed. From Blair to Corbyn, involution has been conspicuous. Corbyn has won the ballot for the leadership of the labor party against his rival Owen Smith.

The “third way” advocated by Tony Blair has been archived, the British left starts all over again from historic flags: equality and egalitarian socialism, categorical rejection of austerity plans, pacifism, a dry No to globalization. Slogans such as moderation and an inclination to centrism seem to have become indigestible to the leftist electorate.

Corbyn’s victory has three orders of degree: the first concerns the adverse front (he has the ability to grasp the lack of intents unity among the others), disrupted and very heterogeneous with figures without an alternative progressive revitalization. The second concerns the new recruits of the party; young people who swell the ranks of the party are attracted by Marxist utopias, surely far from London’s elite.

The third order is constituted by the union block. Estimates give the British left an electoral pool of 30% potential, but the deployment led by Corbyn, which lacks a purpose among its units, also produces disaffection among voters.

The Brexit triggered a civil war mainly in the progressive field, not among the conservatives. The Labor Party are lagging behind in the administrative elections (to win over London again) and in Scotland they are the third political force behind the Conservatives. The populist wave of Ukip has deprived the Labor Party of many votes, but if the parliamentary group in the House of Commons tried to shove Corbyn, not giving him the vote of confidence in July, the base is all with him.

Results are not entirely brilliant and flattering for Corbyn who still managed to be re-elected for the second time at the helm of the party. The impression is that among the base that supports him is that he advocates the elimination of current and internal feuding inside the party, on the one hand, and parliamentarians are ready to prevent it, the party’s image is not that of a monolithic bloc gathered around its leader, but that the clash between the various factions remains open.

As head of an opposition political force, Corbyn has something to say; that the then labor party will transform into a party of government is beyond the imaginative horizon of many political observers, who judge it as a somewhat smoky perspective at the moment.

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