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Hillary wins the “First Presidential debate”. From Hofstra University in New York, in front of 100 million viewers, the first debate between the candidates for the White House saw Donald Trump far less aggressive than in the clashes during the Republican primaries. For the first time in this long campaign, the two candidates have challenged each other directly, face to face. Trump has accused his Democratic rival, but never with excessive violence; he mentioned at the very beginning the “terrible things” he could say about Hillary Clinton and her family – referring to her spouse’s betrayals – explaining that he had decided to avoid it, because it “is not a nice thing to do.” The strategy of the tycoon, known for his sexist and racist attacks, was to be as “presidential” as possible. Only in the last minute of the face to face, Trump has touched on personal topics, saying that Clinton does not have the “physical quenching” to be a president, taking a cue from the her recent fainting due to pneumonia.

They discussed many topics, from economics to taxes, to the email-gate, to the tensions in the Middle East, to Putin and Obama. The moderator, NBC presenter Lester Holt, started with economy, asking the candidates how will they go about creating new jobs. Hillary answered she wanted equal pay for men and women and a greater distribution of the companies’ profit. She has explained that this is the legacy she wants to leave to her granddaughter: “Today is her second birthday.” Clinton wanted to wink at the Middle Class, mentioning her family several times, including her father, “that installed tapestries”, emphasizing the contrast between her and the billionaire Trump, represented as a privileged child of an elite class. According to the Republican candidate, we need to make sure that jobs do not end up abroad, mainly in China and Mexico.

When the moderator asked Trump if he was going to make his income tax return available to the publich (unlike Clinton, has always refused to do so hitherto), the Republican candidate has answered that he will do this when Hillary spreads the “33,000 emails she deleted.” The rival accused him of not wanting to reveal his income because he is bankrupt or because he does not pay taxes nor the suppliers: “Maybe he is not rich as he claims to be” she says.

On the subject of shootings and racial divisions in America, a hot topic after yet another African American had been killed by a white police officer, Trump said that “we need to restore law and order”, suggesting that this is also in the interest of African-American citizens. The moderator asked him if searches in the street, which he wants to legalize (on the model of New York under Mayor Giuliani), will not lead to further discrimination against African Americans and Hispanics.

Hillary has accused him of racism for having doubted that Barack Obama was born in the United States, but the GOP candidate has claimed that the first requests to the US president to show his birth certificate have come from the Clinton team during the democratic primary in 2008. Yet, this news proved to be false and has been denied by all the present commentators.

Former First Lady has talked also about the Russian President Vladimir Putin, remembering that his rival had invited Russian hackers to strike America (and, according to the FBI, this is rhe root of the raids on the Democratic National Commission site and on that of the US electoral system). “Donald praises Putin, but Putin is playing his game with us”, stressed the Democratic candidate. But Trump replied that “we do not know who is behind the hacker attacks. There may also be the Chinese, or someone from your home” he joked.

As to foreign policy, the watchword is obviously “defeat Isis” for both candidates. What changes, is the way each of them wants to reach this goal. For Clinton, it means supporting the Kurds, combat extremist propaganda and destroy the leadership of the Caliphate. For the Republican candidate, Isis has grown thanks to the leadership “vacuum” created by Obama and his former secretary of state.

The two candidates to the White House, although they have confirmed two opposing views on the future of America, have not raised their voice: no one has dared a knock out blow, probably out of fear to make a mistake in the first round of the “Presidential debate”. To play the final lunge there is still time: specifically, candidates point to the other two debates on 9 and 19 October. Meanwhile, the winner of the first round (albeit “on points”) is the democratic candidate: a flash poll conducted by CNN has shown that Hillary wins according to 62% of the respondents.

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