That is how we take command

  • Italiano

You write an article about a story of sufferance, hunger, and poverty… and not so many people simply ignore you; post something on animals and you trigger a plethora of comments, considerations, and reports, all of which are obviously accompanied with subtle (in the best case scenario) insults and allusions. You write about degradation, inviting people to take their responsibility and they accuse you of supporting one political party or another. That is how the Internet works: we cringe for news where you see dead children but if you do not mention the name in the title, stuck at the moment of publication. I wonder: why on earth is this society so hypocritical? Which, numbers at hand, is interested exactly in what it officially “rejects”, which values more a centimeter of exposed skin, than a suffering person, which is more interested in a dog than in an elderly person?

It is not about being a moralist. Yet, it is rather obvious that this is one of the many flaws caused by relativism. The hypocrisy of this society is scary. It has become normal for people not to practice what they preach. People talk without informing themselves, and especially without having a scale of values and important things. Back in times, people had media for this, then the whole category has drowned in approximation and – sometimes – in the mere commodification of the news. Now, exactly the opposite happens. For our part, we will continue to fight to put things in their place, that is, to put values ​​before gossip. Yet, this means going against the stream.

Animals? It is a topic of interest; no one says it is not. Nonetheless, unemployment, jobs for young people, the economy, mobility, health care and other topics are more important. On those arguments, people divide into factions – at best -, ready to condemn or to absolve without the slightest reflection on the topic. Decisions that should be investigated, analyzed, dissected by our society.

Raising the level of discussion is essential, because we are falling down, overflowing on social media. Too much. It is not true that a blurred selfie is enough to become a leader…

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