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Since his name emerged in the campaign to save the historic Star Ferry Pier in 2005, Chu has become an icon among social activists and continued to conduct many other key social movements, including the struggle for the villagers of Tsoi Yuen, whose houses were razed to the ground by a railway project. He is a young man who goes against the system, a 38-year-old “reckless” man who challenges the Dragon, calling for Hong Kong’s independence, fighting the exploitation of the land and the exasperated industrialization.

In a land where political “pressure” can lead to warnings and threats, it did not seem he was going to last for a long. Yet, surprisingly, his struggles have touched the souls of his fellow citizens; thus, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick became the winner of the elections for the Legislative Committee of Hong Kong. With 84 thousand preferences (84,121, for the sake of precision), the new legislator has reached this goal thanks to a particular political manifesto, from Hong Kong’s independence, as already mentioned, to the defense of animal rights, to the opposition to an urban area under construction, which has been commissioned by the central government.

Chu burst into tears when the results were announced: he obtained the highest number of votes in each of the five geographical constituencies. “The collusion between the government, enterprises, rural forces and triads, there are things nobody knows besides me” he said in tears, before thanking his wife for her support. “Not just me, but my entire family have suffered and will suffer political violence,” he predicted.

In a way, his person reminds on the photo symbol of Tiananmen, when a number of mass demonstrations guided by students, intellectuals, and workers in the Peoples Republic of China, held in Beijing, culminated with a student who alone and entirely disarmed loomed in front of a column of tanks to stop them: his photographs have become famous in the whole world and for many people, it is a symbol of struggle against tyranny.

Chu was born in Hong Kong in 1977 and attended the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After graduating in 1999, he studied Persian language at Tehran University and has worked as an editor and journalist. He got involved in a “Going Local” campaign to preserve agricultural land and develop a sustainable economy. “The result shows that the people of Hong Kong considers that a paradigm shift is needed in the democratic movement,” said the 38-year-old independent candidate.

“I do not know whether revealing more collusion between the government, entrepreneurs, rural factions, and triads would have put me in danger – he said – but, as a political leader, I will not step back. Because if I step back, rural people in the new territories, our citizens of Hong Kong, would only suffer more political violence”.

Chu, the young man of the new millennium, is carrying on his struggle with determination. A symbol of hope not so much and not only because of the political situation in Asia and in view of the world’s relations with China, but for all the young people around the world who are preparing to face challenges that seem impossible, give up, then leave. Chu has become a symbol, and the shower of votes he has obtained testifies how much we need it everywhere in the world. “I want my daughter – he said – our next generation, to be able to say the truth.” A simple, but “explosive” concept.

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