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Il Papa a Santa Marta: la vera fede è seguire la Legge d'Amore di Dio, fino a pregare per i nemici

“Plotting evil” against those who trust us “is mafia”. Every mob is obscure, it obfuscates light. Faith, on the other hand, generates light, but not the “artificial one.” Power obfuscates light too, and we must not envy “the achievements of the powerful”, because “the worms that will eat them will be the same that will eat us” – said the Pope in his homily at Mass celebrated in St. Martha’s House, extensive passages from which are available on the Vatican Radio. The Pontiff also invited us, faced with evil plotting against our brothers, “not to put off good; good deeds – he said – should not be kept in the fridge,” they need to be done immediately.

The Holy Father explained that the light of faith “should not be covered up”: “If you cover this light”, “you become lukewarm or simply” a “Christian only on words.” The light of faith, he continued, “is a true light, given to us by Jesus in baptism”, “it is not an artificial light, a souped-up light. It is a mild, serene light that never goes out.” Then, Bergoglio focused on a range of behaviors that are likely to hide this light, recalling the advice of the Lord not to allow this light to become darkness. First of all, he urged the faithful “not to make those in need wait for them.” “Never put off: good deeds… they do not tolerate the fridge: good is today, and if you do not do it today, tomorrow it will not be there anymore. Do not hide away good deeds for tomorrow: if you think ‘come back tomorrow, I’ll give it to you tomorrow’, it stifles your light and it is injustice… Another way – these are tips not to cover up your light –  do not conspire against your brother, while he lives next to you and trusts you. But how many times people have confidence in someone and this person plots evil to destroy them, to make them filthy… All of us have this small piece of Mafia at hand; the one that takes advantage of a brother’s trust to plot evil is a mobster! ‘But. I do not belong …’: but, this is mafia, taking advantage of those who trust you… and it covers up your light. It makes you obscure. All mafias are dark!”

Thus, Pope Francis emphasized the temptation of always fighting someone, the pleasure of arguing with those who “did not wrong us.” “We always look for something to start an argument – he said -. But in the end, arguments become tiring: you cannot live like that. It is ‘better to let go, forgive”, “to pretend not to see things… instead of fighting all the time.” “Another piece of advice the Father gives his children not to cover up the light: ‘Do not envy the man of violence and do not let his success bother you, because the Lord dreads the perverse, whereas His friendship – that of the Lord – is for the righteous’. Many times, we, some of us, become envious of those who have things, who are successful, or who are violent… but let us quickly go over the ‘history of the violent and of the powerful… Well, it is that simple: the worms that will eat them, will be the same that will eat us; the same! In the end, all of us will be the same. Envy, ah! Power, envy… this covers up our light.” To guard the light – Pope Francis pointed out -, we have to put these tips into practice every day. “These things are not strange at all – he stressed -. We see things that cover up the light every day.”

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