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Father Gabriele Amorth was first and foremost a great priest from the Pauline Family, a true holy and God-fearing man; then, the Lord made him become a great, unique, and incredible exorcist. I have had many occasions to be next to him and I have always sensed his deep humanity, connected to the great faith in Jesus and a boundless devotion to the Virgin Mary. All these qualities were impressive. Father Gabriel had a capacity to accommodate anyone, and give priority to the most desperate, the many people who were disturbed because possessed by evil forces. For each of the victims he met, he felt great and special compassion. Since Cardinal Poletti gave made him become an exorcist next to Father Candido, who is a servant of God now, he began an unexpected mission to rescue many souls trapped by the devil.

Father Amorth has exercised this delicate ministry with great conviction, learning to love the Holy Mother of God more and more. In his ceaseless prayer of the Holy Rosary, he has found a valuable weapon to protect and take care of his numerous children. The number of people he liberated, accompanied, saved, and listened to is unquantifiable.

The whole world sought him, to teach other priests the difficult exorcism service. Founding the International Association of Exorcists, he gave new awareness to the Church about this important mission, but called those bishops he defined as somewhat too lukewarm before the underhanded business of the evil one. Sometimes, he remained embittered by a certain lightness he sensed right inside the Catholic world.

In the last part of his earthly life, some people tried to strike him, taking advantage of his kindness, ridiculing and manipulating his teachings or even saying things about him that were not even remotely truthful. Also bad people approached him, not looking for his help, but with evil intents. One of them has even described himself as a spokesman and disciple of the master, then it came out that he had never even met him! Father Gabriel, for those who did not know him, might seem an old-fashioned priest, even for his age, a person who belonged to a different age, with an outdated and no longer relevant doctrine. Yet, his words were deeply rooted in the Sacred Scripture, faithful to the Magisterium, and careful not to get ever confused.

In many television and radio broadcasts, where sometimes we were also invited along, I never saw him falter and when others provoked him, he stuck with his beliefs, remaining unshakable and serene. Staying next to him was truly valuable, not only to learn how to exercise the prayer of exorcism, but especially because of the sanctity of life he has transmitted me through his way of being.

A joke that always made me smile was when some journalists asked him every time if he had been ever afraid of the devil. Father Gabriel answered as follows: “I’m not the one afraid of the devil… actually; I think he is the one afraid of me.”

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