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Certainly, there are health problems, but the media exposure Hillary Clinton has suffered feed suspicion that there may be a strategy aimed to weaken her image in view of the presidential elections. In any case, it does not come as a surprise that the American election campaign is full of low blows.

Pneumonia is the last link in this chain. After examinations carried out following a coughing crisis during last Friday’s rally, Hillary receives her diagnosis, reports the physician who is charge of treating the Democratic candidate to the White House, after she felt sick during the commemoration ceremony in New York, for the victims of 9/11.

In December 2012, when she was secretary of state, she suffered a strong intestinal flu at first, then fell down in the bathroom, hitting her head. The analyzes revealed a blood clot in the brain: the former First Lady, 69, was admitted to the emergency Presbyterian Hospital in New York. Can a person in poor health become President of the United States? This is the question and the doubt someone is trying to instill in the minds of the Americans.

Low blows

Clinton-Trump, the first one “incapable”, the second – a “racist”. At times, accusations are made directly, sometimes they are done sideways. The state of health of the former first lady, for example, was also at the center of an FBI report, which strongly questioned her ability to handle the stress of command. The report is daughter to the surveys on the use of private email servers when she was Secretary of State, including a summary of her interrogation on July 2, and of her collaborators. What comes out of it, is an image of Hillary Clinton who struggles to remember things, who does not know what some acronyms mean in the email. In short, the opposite of the trained, determined, decisive, and healthy person people expect the President of the United States to be.

New documents

The documents – 58 pages are partially obscured due to omissions – do not contain sensational revelations, only some awkward details for the Democratic presidential candidate, which expose her to new criticism of at the hand of her rival Donald Trump and that of the Republican Party. The many times she “failed to remember things” (39 times) are striking: Hillary claimed she did not remember all the briefings she received about the management of classified information, and all the specific email exchanges deemed classified, including those on the attack with drones, explaining that she trusted the skills and the judgment of her State department staff.

The head injury

A position that is likely to fuel accusations of evasiveness or psychophysical disability. FBI says that after the head injury due to swooning in 2012, Hillary, on the advice of her doctor, could work only a few hours a day and not remember all the briefings that took part. But FBI papers also confirm that Clinton claimed not to know that the letter “C” in the email indicated “classified material”, as it was already anticipated by the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, in his testimony before the Congress. He stated that the then secretary of state did not have much experience with e-mails and it was possible that she had not understood the meaning of that letter. This version does not help Clinton’s image.


From the interrogations of her former collaborators, including Huma Abedin, her current right hand, it turns out that Hillary often changed her Blackberries and that “the place where the last one was left, frequently remained unknown.” That is, they disappeared. This carelessness is not favorable either. At this time, we should add pneumonia, temporary illness, but in a woman who is almost 70, whose health is already shaky, it is important. Or at least, this is the message they are trying to pass beyond the ocean.

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