The prison of anxiety

  • Italiano

To worry derives from the Latin prae-occuparecare beforehand, in advance’. In a way, it is synonymous with preventing, that is, acting so as avoid trouble.

In Italy, which is daughter to Latin too, the verb to worry is not used with the same meaning, but has stark negative connotations. It is associated with “being afraid of something”; one often takes care in advance about the things that make them anxious.

In truth, the “prae-” prefix in Latin means not only before, but also “due to/because of”. And perhaps that is what it is worth reflection. We need to worry or keep his mind busy with problems, perhaps not to look elsewhere and see beyond.

Those who have power know how to handle mass distraction strategies, creating a diversion to distract people and not allow them to focus on the real problems of the government. Sometimes it happens in a non-guided way, especially when it comes to positive news (the victory of Bartali in ’48, which followed Togliatti’s murder, for example, saved the country from civil war); more often, and in a more manipulated way, it happens with negative news: pandemics, spread, etc. which set public discussions on any other topics but the analysis of everyday governing actions in the country.

As long as we worry, in the anxiety-related sense of the term, we will not be able to manage the destiny of our lives. We should focus on a linguistic exercise instead, trying to read the word in its etymologic meaning: to be busy. If we do so, things will change in a radical way.

Because very often complaints go hand in hand with inertia, worries encourage people to be prudent, that is, towards immobility. This is a particularly devastating principle for economy.

While we are busy worrying, we fail to use our energies to solve problems that are substantial for the life of every person, which require radical action. The man creates himself problems; he needs them not to allow other things to emerge.

If it works on a personal level, it works also for the community as a whole. To lift the veil of hypocrisy and start to act is the first step to take the reins of our lives back in our hands.

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