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A turning point in Syria. At the end of a twelve-hour marathon, during which there have been moments of tension, the United States and Russia have reached an agreement for a true cease-fire to help the Middle Eastern country to enact a political transition, also through a military co-operation on the field: if applied, the agreement will come into force on Monday at sunset.

The agreement

Seven days after the cessation of hostilities, Moscow and Washington will create a “joint center” for the fight against Isis and the Al-Nusra Front. Its aim, as Lavrov explained it, is to “separate terrorists from the moderate opposition”. There will be, announced the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, coordinated raids conducted by the Russian and US Air Forces against terrorists: “We have reached an agreement on the areas where they will be conducted. According to an agreement of neutrality shared by the Syrian government, only Russian and American forces will be operating in these areas.”

The end of the fights

The agreed plan has established that the regime in Damascus, supported by the Russians, will not carry on combat missions in the areas controlled by the rebels, allowing humanitarian aid to reach the besieged population. All parties will have to adhere to the truce before the program enters fully into force. According to John Kerry, the end of the Syrian raids will make it possible to “change the nature of the conflict”, since these actions were the main source of victims and the main cause of the migration flows.

The consent of the oppositions

After the agreement was announced, a spokesman of the Committee for the negotiations, the umbrella under which the main Syrian oppositions are gathered, said he will support the agreement, obviously provided that the regime meets the cease fire. The UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, expressed his hope that the agreement will contribute “to the renewed efforts to settle the political conflict”.

Moscow’s appeal

“Today – Kerry said from Geneva last night -, Sergei Lavrov and I, on behalf of our presidents and countries, appeal to all Syrian actors to support the plan reached by the US and Russia for the cessation of this catastrophic conflict through a political process as soon as possible. ” He also stressed that they had agreed on five documents to allow the coordination of the fight against terrorism and the resumption of the truce which was agreed in February, the Russian Foreign Minister said that the plan “allows to implement effective coordination to combat terrorism, first of all in Aleppo, and return to the ceasefire. All these measures aim at creating the necessary conditions for the resumption of the political process.”

The UN

For his part, de Mistura said he “expects that all parties will facilitate the efforts of the United Nations for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the population in need, including those who live in the besieged areas”. The UN, he said, “hopes that the political will that has led to this agreement will be lasting.”

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