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Two years of Interris.it. Two years of painstaking work, articles, photos, videos, and interviews by a newspaper whose distinctive features are objectivity, pluralism and values. In a dangerously multi-centered media system, where all too often respect for “our readers” is missing, it is not to be underestimated. We are a newspaper that is close to the people and uses a simple language; yet, the opportunity to host major political, institutional, cultural, academic, and professional personalities does not scare us either. At the same time, we do not forget to give a voice to ordinary men and women. After all, ordinary life is the best thermometer of a society.

Interris.it emitted its first cry at midnight on 8 September 2014. It was not a random date: on that day, we celebrate the Nativity of Our Lady. The Marian vocation of the magazine is glaring. You can see it in the M placed in the very heart of the masthead and in the blue color, which is often used to highlight important concepts and words (such as “slap”). Moreover, religious, theological, and historical articles, as well as personal stories of devotion have been often dedicated to the Mother of Jesus.

Interris.it is not only an all-news portal with a Catholic background, but also an international newspaper: we translate it into three different languages ​​(Italian, English, and Spanish). An innovative way to convey the message we want to convey: in a world tending to division, we want to unite, telling stories about universal values.

The homepage, which has changed over time to allow people to better use of the product, is designed to achieve these goals. At the top, we find the “Slap”, a story or a topic of social value, we try to show that not everything is relative, but that there is good and there is evil, and the boundaries between them are well marked. The stories we tell are often tragic, sometimes lighter, in some cases, they are reports or interviews, but the goal is always the same. Below the “Slap”, there is an “Editorial” (or “Opinion”) and “Headlines”, areas dedicated to daily news. Twelve areas, to which we have recently added the “Suburbs”, i.e., an open window on the “last of the Earth”, taking cue from a topic that is so dear to Pope Francis. At the bottom, one can find sections devoted to sensitive topics (such as the family) or topics that can be relevant to the community.

This formula has earned your appreciation. From you we have received praise, criticism (always constructive) and significant support, because Interris.it lives thanks to the contribution of those who appreciate it, without receiving any kind of public funding. We hope that this direct bond with the public, the true strength of the newspaper, will never break. Therefore, we invite everyone to actively follow our Facebook fan page and our Twitter profile.

With clear ideas about our mission, we project into the future, into an even more exciting journey, towards new horizons to reach together.

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