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Interris was born on 8 September 2014, on the occasion of the Nativity of Mary. This publishing experience is the result of desire to bring something new into an increasingly complex media system. This original need has not changed over time and it deserves to be carried on without hesitation.

The Internet is still an actual jungle, mysterious and fascinating. Whoever wants to realize anything meaningful and significant there is likely to come across and face a variety of contradictory and shameful things. Man has always been like that, able to praise the beauty or botch it until it became a damn boomerang. To create an international online newspaper is an apparently impossible, crazy, and whimsical task. Indeed, those who choose to enter this virtual jungle discover the relativity of the word; letters are put down to make room to overwhelming images.

Information is mortified by the rules of profit and by the lens one wants to obtain. Within an apparent freedom of the press – or carefully preordained libertinism -, there seems to be some room left for humble and virtuous communication tools, capable of making themselves room without irritating pseudo-libertarians or important merchants. The latter are often oriented towards raising popularity rating; obviously, they cannot oppose their masters, be they public or private. The news thus tends to stoop, losing its indispensable autonomy and a certain amount of self-esteem. The consequence of this misleading system is the betrayal of that objective truth, which has been meticulously taught by many “great” philosophers and by present-day pseudo-philologists, followers of the insidious dictatorship of (technologic) relativism, where the logos is expected to dissolve.

A real apocalypse of the verb, full of ruthless ignorance in whose bosom even dregs are defined as culture by yet another illusionist and charlatan. I think of a wonderful book entitled “L’Amour des lettres et le désir de Dieu”. Today, we should read this title the other way around: “Hatred for writing and contempt for God.” Perhaps, these two dynamics go hand in hand. The Web knows no piety, it does not forgive, and virtually everything that materializes in it leaves a trace forever, or until someone decides that it must fall into oblivion. For now, chaos, lies, malice, frivolity, obscenity, and the macabre rule there.

Faced with this disturbing scenario, here is a small drop of water, which before evaporating, will probably manage to sink in terris, reaching the finish line, that is, quenching its parched roots; but what is truly important, is that we keep going, aiming not only to inform, but also to train our young people. This is the irreversible principle that has pushed some people passionate about writing to step out of the crowd and join those who still believe in the irreplaceable mission of journalism, a path on which prestigious names from civil society and from the academic world will guide us. We will need the courage to multiply, proving a certain part of the world that we can unite even if we belong to different cultures, religions, traditions, nationalities, and backgrounds. This diversity will be even more exciting and enriching allowing In Terris, after two years, to side with those who do not want to destroy, those who do not cry out lies, but describe the world, even when it is cruel, thus bearing testimony to Good through positive life stories.

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