The smog that makes people grow old

  • Italiano

When we talk about pollution, someone always twists their mouth. The first phase consists in questioning the data, defining as catastrophic whoever raises the alarm; the second one consists in focusing on the absolute lack of alternatives in a world that wants to travel fast, consume while running, and to be constantly connected.

In short, the idea is that, after all, things are not that bad, and even if they are, it is inevitable. Perhaps, but it depends on the Man. If in his delirium of omnipotence, he believes he can manage the planet (or better still, the created) according to his wishes, he will end up paying the consequences. Nor is it true that we cannot do anything about it; when the Earth is rebelling and destroys in a few seconds all the wrong things done by human beings, rises the problem of reconstructing according to new criteria. The only thing that changes is the person who begins to demolish things, not the need to do so.

Returning to pollution, a recent study conducted by SISA (the Italian Society for the study of atherosclerosis) showed that continuous exposure to fine dust and CO2 molecules dissolved in the air involves infinite risk factors linked to atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. That is to say, it shows that actual “gas chambers” are created in major urban centers and that they trigger a dangerous spiral that kicks off with the inhalation of the toxic components and ends with a chronic inflammation of the venous tissue, which is bound to evolve into metabolic and cellular problems.

The study was conducted in Italy, and sees Milan and Turin as the cities in which people older before. But of course the problem is global. The most striking example is China, which had to deal with a true emergency last November last year: canceled flights, closed highways, visibility below 500 meters. In Shenyang, capital of Liaoning, was recorded a 1400 micro grams per cubic meter density of p.m. 2,5, 56 times the limit established by the World Health. In the whole China, only 9% of the population breathes clean air.

In short, poisoning the environment we poison ourselves: this is real, not merely a comment.


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