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A new attack in southern Thailand, which is decimated by the separatist revolt of the Muslim minority. A bomb placed in a motorcycle exploded outside a school in the district of Tak Bai (Narathiwat province), killing a four-year-old girl and a man, probably her father. The blast injured also other students and teachers who were entering the institute. A healthcare professional, who mentioned also 10 injured, including six civilians and four police officers, has confirmed the number of victims. For security reasons, we sheared the telephone wires, often used by the terrorists to blow their bombs.

Symbols of power under attack

The southern rebels often strike schools and teachers, whom they consider the symbols of Bangkok’s power over the Muslim-majority region, annexed to the Kingdom of Thailand more than a century ago. This small civil war has caused more than 6,500 deaths among civilians (mostly), separatists, and security forces. The situation is particularly chaotic in areas close to the border with Malaysia, where shootings and bombings are almost commonplace.

The objective

To protect the population, the military and police accompany teachers and children to the so-called “red zones.” “This bomb – has commented Colonel Pramote Prom-in, Thai army spokesman in the south, on social media – aims to create unrest and to kill indiscriminately, as evidenced by the death of a 4-year-old girl.”


In August, two bombs hit a resort located in the seaside town of Pattani (also in the south), killing one woman and injuring at least 30 people, including several tourists. The same days, other explosions, especially in front of police stations, raised the number of victims to four.

Local terrorism

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, as it happened last year, with the attack in the temple Erawan Bangkok (20 dead), but the suspicion is that behind this trail of bombs are still hiding the separatists. Despite the warning recently launched by the Russian intelligence, no evidence was found of jihad-related international groups in Thailand, as it happened in the neighboring countries (Indonesia in the lead).

A weak reaction

A manhunt was open throughout the territory of the country. It aims at identifying those responsible for these attacks. Nevertheless, the military junta, in power since 2014, tends to minimize the expansion of the armed conflict in the south. For their part, the Muslim Malay minority have repeatedly denounced abuses at the hand of the soldiers.

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