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Talking about Mother Teresa of Calcutta may seem to be an easy task, yet, that is far from being the case. A number of specialists have written about her, commented and analyzed her actions. Even Popes. This tiny woman of the XIX century shook the world with her ability to love without limits, recognizing Jesus’ face in the poorest among the poor.

My editorial wants to tell the gift I was given: being able to meet her in person. The first time I was able to approach her I was fourteen – in 1985 -, at a meeting for young people at the sports hall in Porto Sant’Elpidio. I was struck by this small figure, whose strong love was almost palpable. From that moment on, I have felt a spiritual son, reading her books and later participating in other meetings. On every possible occasion, when she was in Italy, I lavished to be there. Listening to her talking about Jesus was like listening divine music: her actions and way of being lit the fire of charity in me.

The Lord has granted me the possibility to meet her again and even to talk with her. Moreover, I never thought I would have ever seen her style in a “priestly format”, in the person with whom I shared part of my life, Father Oreste Benzi. Nowadays, our world is in great need of such saints… the most beautiful challenge would be the gift of reflecting on holiness personally. This goal can be achieved only if you grow endless love for Jesus and get rid of selfishness. It is this spiritual passion for the Son of God to cause desire to bring it to the people, starting with the most needy and desperate.

Embodying Jesus’ love is what Mother Teresa has made, entrusting herself to God’s plan. These days, I also read ugly, negative article, which are full of gossip about this bright person. I was disappointed because in my simplicity – or superficiality -, I have never thought I was going to read such atrocities on women and men of God, such as Mother Teresa. Yet, it happens… the devil’s poison is always ready to use someone to spit on beauty.

I am glad she has been canonized by Pope Francis today, whom I would call the Pope of charity and mercy because of his way of being. I had the proof of it yesterday morning when, finding myself in St. Peter’s, he recognized me and approached me to ask about the young women victims of trafficking, whom he had met on 12 August. This initiative has given me that same odor of sanctity and love that belongs only to the saints, men of God.

Today, the sky will be celebrating the terrain recognition of Mother Teresa’s holiness. It is a sign of charity and altruism, which is so important for the humanity. In these dark times, when the forces of evil seem to triumph, this pencil in God’s hand, continues to write beautiful pages of history still giving hope to those who are alone, abandoned and dying.

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