Solidarity, a new beginning

  • Italiano

In the immense agony of seeing children, teenagers, men and women, and old people crushed by the weight of the debris and by the weight of the institutions’ distraction, which had preferred not to see the dangers of what was before their eyes, “sleeping” even when confronted with tragedies, there is still a flame of hope for this society.

The immediate and free mobilization of the entire country, from the small shops that offers their products to large collections, from football clubs that make their spaces make available to accommodate the displaced, to tour operators who open their vacationers houses, to the myriad of collections of groceries underway throughout Italy at present.

It is not only about being close to those who suffer, it is something more. Consciousness of belonging is awakening; the soul gains back its dominant role and defeats apathy, which has accompanied it for too long.

This tragedy is no longer an event that belongs to those who have suffered it and to the members of the rescue team; it concerns everyone. When I say all, this time, I do not mean a shapeless agglomeration of people, but every single citizen. Not only of Italian nationality.

If there is a positive aspect to globalization, it is that the echo of this tragedy has instantly reached the whole world and people light years away from our problems, such as pop stars and sports champions, have felt the need to “be there.” Some of them made donations, others supported with their words of comfort or even being physically present.

It is a humanity that proves itself that it is still there, not anesthetized by the myriad of bad news coming from the world, not overwhelmed with grief and horror. It is a humanity that still wants to endow this word with meaning, that moves, gets up, and comes towards those who suffers. It is very different from the world that was hostile and indifferent to the tragedy of the migrants. Yet, their tragedy is the same…

But when pain awakens the deepest consciousness, not the surface full of clichés and stereotypes, we see of how much altruism we are capable. Starting all over again from here is the right way to get out of the quagmire of misunderstandings and indifference.

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