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These days, we have seen the images of the three major European leaders visiting the cemetery of Ventotene. The original idea was to pay tribute to Spinelli, forgotten by the very left that had deserted and buried him on the little island. The tombs around the three great leaders have made me think of the innocent dead buried under a lorry in Nice, where the police did not have enough “intelligence” to control such a large lorry parked a few meters away from a large crowd.

That cemetery has made me think about Germany’s sick and ageless desire to dominate. When it comes to Europe, it always arises as the “first among equals” and demands supremacy over the other member countries. Then we come to a moribund Italy because of a dying old and aged politics that turns in on itself, with no parties and so weak that it reduces the citizens to social death. In fact, Italians are exhausted and with no more hope, young people are left without employment, and the gap between the institutions and people is growing always deeper. The many words, numerous press conferences, not even the language of images fascinates anyone; when they show us politics, it brings us down and saddens our souls.

The big disappointment is the loss of credibility many institutions have suffered. We no longer perceive them as in the service of the people, but in that of partisan interests.

Now we can learn everything about everyone, we can even comfortably read the private emails of the former first lady (for 8 years) and Secretary of State (for 4 years) of the US! There are millions of citizens hungry to know what the others say and do, from leaders to unknown people. It looks like culture has abdicated in favor of these morbid things, which were limited to the mistreated washerwomen back in times. The level got so low with the “social chats”, that everything mingles into dominant and destructive relativism.

Meanwhile, the founding principles of life and common good are crumbling one after another. People can blow up their own children in the name of crazy ideologies and feel proud of it.

The process of dehumanization seems to have no limits, even if history teaches us that the Man can come out of his grave and rise again even in the darkest times. In the meantime, we continue to see the parade of those who have lost their authority and lack new people able to build things together and devote themselves to the others without mourning those who have been at the cemetery for a long time now.

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