Children who kill

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The child from Gaziantep is not the only tool in the hands of evil. Other children have chosen the same path, others are still trained to do so. Sometimes, they are “saved” in the true sense of the term, before irreparable things happen to them: a 12-year-old who was in danger of becoming a human bomb, for example, was arrested in Kirkuk, the Iraqi Kurdistan capital, shortly before he was going to blow himself up. When the teenager stopped by the Peshmerga, he was hiding the deadly engine under his Barcelona sporting club jersey with the number of his favorite champion, Messi.

The thought that children are being used as bombs horrifies us and gives a sense of how low we have slipped. In every culture – except tribal rituals thousands of years ago and some controversial testimony about Carthaginians -, children have been always protected. Even the underworld, until a century ago, had a code of honor that defended them against the feuds between adults.

This is no longer the case at present. Indoctrination that pushes them towards suicide makes its way, relying on teenagers’ concept of death rather than on a religious concept.

Psychological studies show that at the time when a child begins to go the kindergarten, the (s)he begins to understand that death is a real thing, but thinks we can avoid it, that it can be caused only by accident. At the beginning of the school, he realizes that death can strike everyone and that its causes can be very different.

Starting from the age of 7 or 8, actual mourning is possible and at around 10 years of age, death acquires the characteristics of irreversibility, universality, and unpredictability for a child. But it is precisely at this time that the teenager is fascinated by death, he thinks a lot about it, but has not yet full perception of its definitive nature. This is when the terrorists “play” with children’s soul, which is often full of drugs, not only of morbid ideas.

And evil takes shape in its most terrible forms: pain, death, blood, and despair caused by clean hands. This is the real war being fought, and it is the most difficult one.

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