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It took a law to delineate the principle that we cannot afford wasting food. This law – which, truth to be told, finds a situation where many companies are already operating and giving expiring or unusable food to the less fortunate – should be extended to every aspect of human life.

A key objective of the law is to increase the quantity of recovered and donated food surplus, giving priority to assisting the needy when distributing it. Other important goals are to contribute to the limitation of negative environmental impact and educate citizens to reduce food waste.

Not to waste food, water, and energy is a very logical thing to do. We all live on the same planet and we all know that its resources are not inexhaustible. Yet, we need a law to establish a thing that – as mentioned above – should be self-evident.

We need to ask ourselves “why”? Because it is true that we are all inhabitants of the same world, but we feel divided into categories, mainly two: the lucky and the outcasts. The first ones bask in their status and feel gratified wasting resources that might have been vital for someone else; complacency steeped in selfishness. The second ones survive as long as they can, but they often hatch bitterness, which generates more or less visible conflicts, more or less extensive, but still detrimental to the human species.

The first ones, moreover, turn in on themselves and do not perceive the danger it represents for their children, for the future generations to which we hand down a world without rules, in the most extreme relativism, dominated by the hit-and-run feeling. Where there is no room for the other or for a vision of the future.

Something is changing, as we can evince from the appearance of such laws, and this change is positive. Yet, it is difficult to say whether this is a victory or a defeat for the human kind.

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