How can we bet on peace

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We have been proposing conscientious objection to military and abortive spending, but also the choice of civil service since always. Says Father Oreste Benzi: “Bearing witness means martyrdom; it means active participation. The path of martyrdom is the way of active nonviolence; we do not talk for the sake of ovation, nor do we stay silent out of fear of being booed. We speak for another hope we have in the heart of the One who says: behold, I make all things”.

We want cultural change, a turning point, that is, establishing the Ministry of Peace to create a culture of peace, to introduce education to peace in schools and establish departments of peace. We ask ask for a Minister of peace who believes in his job, takes it seriously, and involves young people, to offer a truly civilized, humane, and constructive service to Italy.”

We ask, as long as there is an army, the possibility of tax option fir military spending. If they do not grant it, we will object to military spending.

We ask our parliamentarians and those who govern for an economic investment in Civil Service, so there can be 150,000 young people involved, not just 35,000. Are there no funds? Let us cut the annuities and high retirement pensions, to support young people and families.

We propose a mental revolution, a new understanding of love: Italy must become a superpower of nonviolence. Starting with schools and even with the world of the Church, our bishops, pastors, so as to make them gradually become teachers of peace. “Mercy and truth will meet; justice and peace shall kiss”.

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