Terrorism today and yesterday

  • Italiano

In the 80’s, when people talked about terrorism in Italy, they used two categories on a national level: red and black. But there was also international terrorism and according to rumors it was fed by the secret services of the Iron Curtain. Dark years that 30 years have not yet been deciphered: Secret associations and large lobbies on the one hand, a working class no longer willing to suffer injustice and deaths in blast furnace. Like in Mestre, bodies disintegrated in flames and as a result, attacks on poor bastards who had executive positions in state-owned enterprises or because they had connections to multinational companies.

How can we forget of Gori and Taliercio? The first one a deputy Director of Montedison killed with five shots in his back, and the other, a Director who was kidnapped in front of his wife and young children and found murdered in the trunk of a car outside the headquarters of Montedison in Mestre.

What connects the terror of that time and today’s terrorism where innocents people die in the name of a ruthless god as young people from affluent families arm themselves with Kalashnikov rifles a kill their peers and themselves?!

Nothing. Yesterday, right-wing terrorism was different from red terrorism due to the number of victims it caused: massacres were attributed to right-wing extremists, whereas attacks on specific targets – to left-wing extremists. Today, when we talk about terrorism, we always think about the so-called Islamic extremism. Islamist terrorism or, less correctly, Islamic, is a form of religious terrorism practiced by different groups of fundamentalist Muslims to achieve political goals in the name of their religion: an actual holy war.

The terrorist galaxy is divided into many organizations, in some cases directly sponsored by the secret services of some states, like the case of diverted Inter – Services Intelligence of Pakistan that supported the Taliban in Afghanistan and still supports Lashkar – and Taiba in the destabilization campaign of the Indian Kashmir and in the attacks in India.

“In some cases, Member States support militarily, ideally, and financially the organizations, as in the case of Iran’s help to Hezbollah. According to estimates, this support has been lasting for 25 years now and there have been transfers of currency and materials of $100 million per year, although the origin seems to be a not third party such as the Mossad, with the aim to expand its regional influence…”

Ideals, or search for power, pursued with the wrong methods that cause many innocent deaths. Whereas the truth is that there are specific interests underlying the whole thing: dreams have been replaced by fairy tales, and unfortunately these fairy tales sow death and terror.

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