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It is a pity that 239 MPs do not understand that legalizing cannabis is merely a way to offer young people, and not only to them, a chance to get high. As Father Benzi, there are no “soft drugs” and “hard” drugs; all of them are “heavy” because they produce dependence, loss of sense of reality, and stifle moral conscience. And in any drug there are active ingredients that create problems to the human being. In the case of cannabis, we should also add that in the past few years, the amount of the so-called THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, one of its largest and best-known active ingredients) has increased from 5% to 50%. What people consume at present is very dangerous, invasive, and it is not true that it harmless: it has negative effects on the prefrontal cortex and causes damage to the human body, up to provoking even testicular cancer.

The liberalization lowers social security rate. It will not take much to find pilots or school bus drivers who have smoked a couple of joints before going to work, because it will no longer be illegal to do so. Not to mention the incidence inside the families, where drugs – no matter what kind of drugs – cause disasters.

Cannabis is addictive, like any other drug; a factor that is enhanced in subjects who have had an experience of marijuana consumption as a young man or woman. We say these things relying on our direct experience inside our communities created by Father Oreste, side by side with people who are coming out of the addiction tunnel.

Those who want this law, support their position saying that drugs exist and the phenomenon is unstoppable. It would be better not only to decriminalize it (imprisonment was abolished in 1993), but even to allow drug cultivation and use. Yet, it is not true that legalization would decrease the incidence of crime traffic; quite the contrary, it would double its income channels, adding the legal to the illegal ones. We saw this happening with prostitution, in places where its legalization has not become a deterrent, but yet another way to do business. A simple principle: demand grows, supply increases proportionally.

If we do not say what is good and what is bad, we will hand in a river of young people to the racket, which will ruin them. We must give our children a future, not take it away.

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