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The author of the Munich shooting, Ali Sonboly, committed suicide with his gun under the eyes of the police officers who were trying to talk to him: these details were provided in a statement issued by the police of the Bavarian capital in the evening. Yesterday, “at about 8:30 p.m.,” a police car “had a contact” with the shooter “north of the shopping center Olympia”: “as a reaction to the words of the officials, he has immediately taken the gun, ‘put it to his head and shot himself dead” reads the note that has reconstructed the episode – which already emerged, although with a lesser amount of detail, last night – on the basis of evidence gathered by the police in charfe of the case.

This is the end of the existence of a killer “by accident”, not a ‘classic’ terrorist, indoctrinated by some jihadist ideology or any other kind of extremist, but a young man with psychiatric problems who had been bullied, with a passion for Breivik-style massacres.

This is the portrait of the baby-faced 18 year-old German of Iranian origin, responsible for the massacre of his peers in Munich.

The Islamic trail of the attack at the mall, in which nine people were killed, has been dissolving hour by hour because investigators found out that Ali Sonboly, this is the killer’s name, acted alone, then took away his life. The authorities have confirmed that there is no evidence of ties with Isis so far. The latter, on the other hand, had sided with the attacker in Nice and with the young Afghan assailant on a German regional train. Ali, in fact, did not come from a ghetto. With his family – his father was a taxi driver, his mother employed in a department store, and a brother – he lived in a decent neighborhood on the outskirts of the city.

He was not a refugee, but enjoyed dual citizenship. At least apparently he was a quiet guy, smiling, who went to school close to where he lived, and delivered newspapers to make some money, as his neighbors and classmates reported. He had never had problems with the police. Under this normal patina, however, he harbored a dark personality. Starting from psychiatric problems and depression, for which he had been treated. At school, things were not going well either. He had not passed the final exam last Friday. And above all, he had been bullied by his peers.

Out of the nine victims, eight were aged between 13 and 21 (two young women and six young men). Only the ninth victim, a woman, was 45 years old. Sonboly Ali, an 18 year-old German-Iranian, the son of a taxi driver, targeted specifically young people, probably the bullies who had harassed him “for seven years,” as he shouted out during the hectic period after the attack. So much so that he even put an ad on Facebook to attract as many students as possible to the Mc Donald’s he was going to storm later on. And none of his victims was a tourist, but almost all young people from his area, whose meeting point was that mall on the northern outskirts of the city, mostly populated by immigrants.

“For seven years, because of you,” he denounced in an excited exchange of words with a person in a video. Also a former schoolmate revealed that Ali always promised to kill the bullies who tormented him. What is more, he had a passion for massacres: a long time spent in front of the PC, playing shooting games, and home material of Winnenden (15 deaths in a school near Stuttgart at the hands of a student) and on Utoya, Norway, accomplished by the extremist right-wing Anders Behring Breivik (69 deaths), of which yesterday fell the fifth anniversary. On his shelves, even a book title premonitory ‘Fury in the head: why do students kill’.

From Italy to France, all of Europe offers Germany its support in the aftermath of the attack in Munich. This new episode of gratuitous violence against defenseless citizens shakes the already wary souls – to mention last month alone – the massacre in Nice and the attack on the train to Wurzburg. Despite the fact that the author of Munich shooting is not connected to Islamic terrorism, tension remains high along with awareness that violence feeds violence, and other ‘lone wolves’, pushed by madness, ideology or spirit of imitation, might strike at a time when there is already a long trail of blood in the streets of Europe. This is the reason why French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed “shared security operations” to intensify control over their territories. Hollande defined the events in Munich an “ignoble act aimed to spread horror in Germany”, and offered Merkel “France’s friendship and cooperation.

President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella has expressed “Italy’s most sincere closeness” in front of “yet another barbaric murderous act that has struck the heart of Europe again. Gestures that continue to disrupt our consciences and require firm and unitary reactions”.

“Full support to the German government and the authorities in the fight against violence and in favor of democracy and freedom,” says the Spanish government. Also Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, Council President Donald Tusk, and the High Representative for foreign policy Federica Mogherini express support and closeness. Also EPP remembers the nature of these attacks, perpetrated by ‘lone wolves’: “We will not allow them to shatter our freedoms and our way of life,” reads a statement of the President Joseph Daul.

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