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Patrick Commecy Street Art

They call it “Street Art”. In Patrick Commecy’s case, streets, buildings, and cities are art. The canvas on which the man’s hand truly works with divine creativity. His murals are not just paintings, their name is not graffiti, but seeds of life that bloom in the eyes of passers-by and, above all, in the hearts of the residents. His brush is a caress to humanity and a slap in the face of those who say that there is no money to intervene in the most underprivileged urban areas.

His art, in short, is a kind of “new creation.” Since the seventies, he has been working with a group of muralists called “City of Creation”. And he certainly did not go unnoticed in the French suburbs, but also in Swiss, Austria, and Italy. From here, his fame has spread worldwide, also in the one that “matters.” The sad facades of poor, bare, and dilapidated buildings are suddenly transformed, as if by magic, in wonderful places, with outdoor environments, smooth and shiny rocks and water streams, bridges over rivers, fountains, flowers, and lots of green, districts that live festively, coffee shops, bakeries and playgrounds, a musician and a juggler, a peasant and a worker, the young gentleman and the elderly, children who laugh and have fun with kites and balloons, women who are washing clothes, friends and animals, domestic and wild, all of them are part of the human things and are equally worthy citizens of the world.

An ugly and anonymous building becomes a movie set, to immortalize the kisses from the most famous romantic movies, including the one between Marcello Mastroianni and the “divine” Anita in Federico Fellini’s “La dolce vita”. The postman is the new Romeo, climbing the high distances that separate him from the modern angelic Juliet. There is also the “door of courtly love,” which opens to kindness and poetry in the streets abandoned to their lonely and scorned destiny of insignificance for the humanity’s big business. In the background, there is the painter, discreet and quiet. He is watching the soul of the city with his loving eye and with the generous work of his fingers.

Now, these dark and hidden corners of an earth that is by no means round will have their place in the sun in art history books, whereas the name of these places is redeemed from forgetfulness or, in some cases, even from dishonor. Therefore, it is mercy, authentic urban charity, love for the marginalized, outcasts and for the underprivileged of our society. Patrick’s gift is beauty. And beauty is a precious gift of the soul; it enriches the spirit and, through our sight, accompanies it to heaven.

This project of street art that inspires itself to the great pictorial tradition of the Renaissance, Baroque, realism and surrealism, is called “A-fresco”. Patrick is an architect, a sculptor, an engineer, a philosopher, and a theologian. He draws architectural and spiritual perspectives, filling gaps that are not only physical, but also existential spaces. He opens windows and balconies, staircases and builds passages in places where there used to be only gray and distressing walls. A bit of color is enough to change everything, and make our world become the best possible world. This is Patrick Commecy’s lesson, his testimony. Tidiness and joy in the streets of life.

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