When the spouses split

  • Italiano

In past times, spouses were less exposed to the risk of unfaithfulness; at present, men and women work together and participate in joint activities, sometimes they spend many hours together and can develop a relations characterized by familiarity and mutual support. In their forties, they still feel young and beautiful, but something is changing and they feel the need to check their ability to seduce. Life can offer opportunities to meet such a need. We should also consider the level of maturity one has reached and the quality of their relationship with the spouse. It seem that men’s and women’s unfaithfulness have different causes.

Sometimes, it seems that the wife has forgotten she is a woman and does not take care of her femininity. She takes care of her looks when she goes out or to work, but at home, for her husband, she is scruffy and shabby. Sometimes, the husband seems selfish and looks for young and good-looking women, using excuses to neglect his wife. However, everyone will have to face old age and his or her aging body. They must feed a lot their “heart to heart.”

The need for relationship and closeness that lives inside human beings is deep. Sometimes, we delude ourselves into looking for satisfaction in people, our husband or our wife. When they no longer give us satisfaction, we look for someone else, following the illusion that the problem is the person. Father Oreste Benzi said that this deep need can only be filled by God.

When a third person appears, it becomes difficult to repair a relationship and the couple can lose love and hope. Betrayal is a serious act, which causes deep, sometimes irreparable, wounds. At times, people see no way out but separation and divorce. In those moments, the pain and suffering reach their peak, involving the whole family, especially children.

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