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Naples: the most sung city in the world, the city that gave life to opera and was an European intellectual salon that hosted European intellectuals in ‘700, is unrecognizable at present. It is difficult to understand what is happening to an entire generation we cannot bring back on the path of legality, remaining on the margins of the State’s life. Yet, it is a challenge we must fight that despite everything and somehow we have to preserve hope. Dr. Francesco Taurisano will guide us in this journey. He is a judge with over 36 years of career behind, a person who knows a good deal about legality and about organized crime. The film called The escort, to make it clearer, is about him, when he suffered an attack in Trapani for not minding his own business, as it were. He is currently in the Court of Review of the Neapolitan city and politely granted this interview to help us learn more about a ghettoized environment, whose tragedy has been trivialized.

Dr. Taurisano, you are from Naples and know the deepest depths of your hometown. What has changed or is changing at present compared to the previous years?

“The cultured part of Naples, the city people describe with respect for its history and culture, no longer exists. Now is the time when Naples becomes the setting and script for the commercial operations of the television business. The latter rubs salt into the painful wounds of this city to feed the show and the audience, disregarding the profound violence it does to the historical, cultural, and social identity of its people. It is no big deal if the consciousness and knowledge of the audience do not make it ask itself questions such as who and what gave rise to the environmental ”humus” that has created and fed this cancer making it become a system! The State, local institutions, the politicians who should have taken care of the social welfare, conservation, as well as of the legal and moral growth of this city and of its young generations… what have they done to prevent and combat the Mafia’s sovereignty that has been relentlessly gaining ground? Nobody tells this story because such a project does not promise production, because men and powers should be denounced, that is, the untouchables should be touched. Our action does not aim at the roots and does not involve responsibilities. To do so, it would be essential to have a yearning, a cultural and a historical heritage and political knowledge that cannot be found in modern narrators of violence and death.”

Why is the rate of delinquency among young people is high in this city?

“Legality and illegality are not abstract concepts, they exist and they manifest in every form of life, be it individual or collective. Today, the social and cultural geography of Naples urges us to consider illegality as a social practice, as a counter-education that has fed and continues to feed so many young people. Social practices aimed at the promotion of legality have not been put in place in schools and family in these territories where Camorra’s lordship has expanded and where the risk of being recruited increased among young people. When asked why so many people become delinquents, there can be only one solving and unifying answer: nothing has been done. Today is the time of systemic lawlessness and of territorial sovereignty of the Camorra, which controls territories, districts, with the force of intimidation and violence, constituting the major drug markets, that is, actual areas that function as commercial centers of drugs open 24/7, where people work shifts and divide tasks and responsibilities. Everything organized and managed in a military stile to produce unimaginable economic profits, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of euros per week, for any activity that does not respect the rules of civil and legal experience. Lawlessness is advancing and creates followers.”

Do some of them repent?

“The word repent is misleading, because it evokes spirituality, which is completely absent in these men. The formula used is cooperating witnesses. Criminals who, for a repertoire of unclassifiable causes, decide to sever the bond of belonging to the clan and reveal crimes and those responsible for them to the judicial authorities, usually at the cost of self-accusation. These voices come from inside Camorra families. They pierce the darkness that envelops the investigation and recover it in a certain direction.”

How do families interact?

It depends on what you mean by family. For Camorra men or women, family means also the clan. The family intended as a biological source is often common and parallel.

What is happening today in this world on the edge?

Today, the territory is disputed in a bloody armed struggle between the old cliques that have been ruling for years and new criminal aggregations, sometimes consisting of three or four young people. They lie in wait, with the force and violence of arms, the primacy and legitimacy of the head, to demolish the figure and take over the territory, subjecting it to their rule.

What can we do to change this situation?

A powerful and unsettling moral and cultural revolution that requires politics, starting from the local level, to strongly live and manifest a long lost spirituality, promoting legality not through words that now are themselves tired of being abused, but through obvious facts and powerful educational models. I am talking about serious and concrete social practices of political and administrative honesty and significant pedagogical interventions in schools and families. Unfortunately, I am rationally pessimistic. The scenario is as desolate as a moonscape, we witness the desertification of honesty and care of social welfare. Today the only answer to lawlessness is judicial authority. A response that is coercive repression, arrests, and convictions. However, this answer proves the failure of the education to justice, but it is not perceived. In fact, we are witnessing the political theater on whose stage appears – at every police operation, be it successful or not – yet another politician with his demeaning and dripping demagoguery of power. Worst things gain terrail. But that is okay, as long as we have an evening show on TV that explains what Camorra is today.

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