An antidote to racism

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The killing of Emmanuel Chidi Namdi causes dismay and opens new questions, which are hanging above our consciences like hooks, because it is good to remember that violent racists are not born, but created. The practice of violence is a dark and evil virus. Only a society with robust antibodies is able to curb and eradicate it.

Violence among football fans – Amedeo Mancini was one of them – sadly evokes the pattern of every war: opposed factions. The horror Emmanuel and his wife Chinyery breathed and suffered in Nigeria is daughter to the same “virulent”, fed and fomented strain. Emmanuel’s death in Fermo and his wife’s pain are its tragic product.

The sad truth is that many violent impulses pervade not only distant countries but also our Western society; dangerous worldwide lagging on questions of civilization concern us too, and it could not be otherwise. With great sadness, we cannot but see that our guard level has drastically lowered in the last few years. Aggression oozes in every place, language, talk shows, in advertising, Internet, sports, and what is worse, even in politics.

A slow corrosion process, through a constant pursuit of leading role effects, research of unbridled excitement, “easy” success, the need to find an outlet, to argue ‘foaming at the mouth’, which often turns into perception, lawlessness into lawfulness, and, what was considered immoral into the “new Machiavellian subversive amorality”; the personality of our young people is crushed by an unbearable anonymity, ensnared by television, the Internet and by the examples our society proposes, a society where fundamental institutions have lost their moral strength, leaving young people without a guide, disoriented and lost, devoid of moral guidance and faith.

“Hate speech” and “hate crimes”, gender violence, and even recruitment of terrorists and mass murderers: all of them are the children of the same monster, helped by the perverse fascination with evasion from ordinary life, which is very likely not to be worthy of note. Each of us is able to learn anything, be it the best or the worst thing.

It is essential to firmly condemn suppress crimes with the aggravating circumstance of racist motivation. Truth to be told, in many cases (for this law, which is not particularly happy), it was not applied with the expected result in case case law.

A fundamental and important sign are the many institutional voices that have joined Chinyerye’s pain and expressed their solidarity. We must not forget what history has taught us, things that seem to be repeated in today’s world: when xenophobia becomes the institutional language – or worse, program – of a political party, it is a turning point, a point of no return.

The good news is that the vaccine to this virus is already “ready” and we must inoculate it to our youth abundantly, eradicating – also from a juridical point of view – behaviors based on selfishness, individualism, on indiscriminate satisfaction of one’s desires, objectification and commodification of people, affectivity that sees body and soul disjoint, and on discriminatory stereotypes.

We need to retrieve languages that are enthusiastic, but also respectful and nonviolent, promoting and organizing Peace structures that are already our antigens to violence and which are so much needed in our world; the army of peace volunteers in national and international civil service, the white helmets, international aid workers, the solidarity and development institutions, peacekeeping and peacemaking networks. Rest in Peace, Amedeo Emmanuel. I hope you will find true peace.

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