Remembering Faraaz

  • Italiano

In the terrible story that happened in Dhaka, where young Muslim extremists have brutally killed their peers in the name of a god who preaches hatred, there was a young Muslim, there was a young Muslim just like them, who chose to die in order not to betray one of the noblest feelings that inhabits human soul: friendship. This young man’s name is Faraaz Hossaine. He knew the Koran and when his torturers allowed him to leave the room of horrors, he said no and stayed there, to die together with his two friends.

We can only define this young man as a hero, do we not? How can we admit that there are good Muslims and bad Muslims? How many Christians would have run away if offered the same the same possibility? This young man was a student of economics, he loved the West. In this terrible story that many European commentators want to downgrade to a struggle between religions, Faraaz’ action is epic and dignified. It imposes respect and invites us not to declare – even on social networks -, wars that are not holy, but infamous. Because there are people of good will in every religion, whether they pray Christ, Allah, or Yahweh… Because God, the real one, is Love, and whoever pursues love, finds God and his research is called Baptism of desire.

The Holy Father was right to look towards the God of love. The commentators who have been trying hard for days now to comment on this gesture, tearing their clothes, are the same who once shouted at Christ, saying: “He has blasphemed, he has said he is the Son of God. He deserves to die.” And they still claim the Cross for that Truth.

Dear Faraaz, I am sure that today you are close to that good God you called Allah and I call Christ. Your blood shed for love paves the way for signs of conversion and other gestures of love.

Sit tibi terra levis, dear young man, and may the blue be your heavenly homeland.

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