The Europe of the rude opportunists

  • Italiano

Europe’s decline has been evident for some time now, not only after Brexit. Financial markets are trying to do their best, selling off the assets of the Old Continent to the best buyer, starting with China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, which are dividing our power. In the meantime, someone is trying to make people believe that all this is being done in the best interests of the Member states.

With the last chaos triggered by Brexit, the fears of those who joined the EU only to dominate, promote certain ideologies and exclusive lobbies to increase their own profit emerge even more plainly.

Experts in angry communications are listened to and applauded more and more often, meeting a public that is disappointed by the institutions and forced to make sacrifices. The level of politics fell sharply due to a cultural degradation that makes people forget the founding values of our society. Over the centuries, instead of growing in wisdom our continent developed an “intellectual Alzheimer’s disease”, forgetting its own origins and the great achievements paid with the blood of our ancestors.

The real Europe betrayed its Christian roots decades ago, along with its deep history of empathy between peoples aggregated by the unifying force of Christianity, which has been able to integrate people from different cultures. The founding fathers must be turning in their graves looking at the way we manage this continent. Political extremists, wall builders, and all kinds of speculators are at war to foment the chaos necessary to some rude exploiters.

Internal and external agents need to weaken the so-called “common home” from which many people are eager to flee; whereas others risk their lives to get into it, then there are those who have no choice or simply have no voice. This lack of attention, dialogue at a grassroots level will only generate more anger and this feeling will cause more and more tragic tears.

Only Christianity can save the unity of Europe, remembering St. John Paul II’s admonition, who said on several occasions that “Europe is either Christian or it is not Europe.” Who knows how many Catholics are out there who are aware of this great responsibility? Many paganized people will simply grin at this hypothesis, but for believers it is a duty that needs to be translated into concrete actions to make sure that the Gospel message becomes visible.

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