Brexit, what now?

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In so many centuries, the UK has taught the world, starting from Hume and Smith, that the only path to wealth and peace is openness and cooperation skills. Unfortunately, for this liberal tradition, which is in tune with the popular tradition of Don Sturzo and of De Gasperi’s Democrats, to which Italy belongs, today is a sad day. It was rejected and betrayed by small irrational fears and base interests.

A very sad day, today, if we think of the memory of thousands of British soldiers buried in cemeteries throughout Europe. However, history goes towards new possible forms of integration and we always look forward to policies whose core is the person, any person, and his or her dignity. History will not be halted by a few million anachronists who have betrayed centuries of hopes and blood in search of unity.

Unfortunately, people will pay in many ways for these shortsighted and unintelligent choices. Walls do not last, the wind of freedom ends tearing down. We are sorry for the British.

Britain has chosen: Brexit; from now on, it will be out of Europe. Whereas we, Christians, are for a Europe of the Peoples, not of Finance, according to the original plan of three Christian politicians: Adenauer, De Gasperi, and Schuman.

Now, we must work on national and European institutional levels to remove the bulky weights of the Fiscal Compact – Save States Fund, signed by the Mario Monti government, and reduce the dominance of Germany, which greatly benefits the German economy and severely disadvantage the other Member States. We must work hard “at home” to lighten the burden of Italian people, of the working, productive class, the third State. We want an update of the Community rules, more Ethics in Society and in the institutions, more attention to people, more Sovereignty for the people. All this can only happen if we reevaluate the technocrats in Brussels.

Antonino Giannone

Vice President of the Association “Free and Strong”

Professor of Professional Ethics and Industrial Relations at the Polytechnic di Torino

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