BERGOGLIO ADDRESSES THE FAITHFUL: ”PRAYER IS THE BATTERY OF THE CHRISTIAN” He commented on the Gospel in which Jesus told His disciples: "You are the salt of the earth... You are the light of the world"

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During the morning Mass at St. Martha’s House, warned Christians from becoming tasteless salt commenting on the day’s Gospel in which Jesus told His disciples: “You are the salt of the earth… You are the light of the world”. Hence, the definition of a Christian who needs to be light and salt. Neither of the two things, the Pope observed, is for itself: “The light is to illuminate the other; salt is to flavor, preserve the other.”

To avoid losing salt and the light, Francis warns: “Which is the ‘battery’ a Christian uses to generate light? Simple prayer. “There are many things one can do, many works of charity, many great things for the Church – a Catholic University, a college, a hospital… – you may even be rewarded as a benefactor of the Church with a monument, but if you do not pray, it will be dark and dimly lit. How many works become dark due to lack of light, lack of prayer? What gives light to Christian to Christian life and keeps it alive, illuminates it, is prayer.”

“Serious” prayer, he warned, “ a prayer of adoration to God the Father, a prayer of praise to the Holy Trinity, a prayer of thanksgiving, a prayer to request to God… prayer must come from the heart.” This – he went on to say – “is the oil, the battery that gives life to the light.” The same is true for the salt, which “does not serve to give flavor to itself”: “The salt becomes salt when it gives of itself. And is another Christian attitude: “to give of oneself, to give flavor to the lives of others, to give flavor to many things with the message of the Gospel. To give oneself of. Not to spare oneself. Salt is not for the Christian, it needs to be given to the other. The Christian has it to give it away, (s)he is salt to give her/himself of, but not for themselves. Both – and this is curious – light and salt, are for others, not for themselves. Light does not illuminate itself; salt does not give flavor to itself.”

Of course, he noted, you may be wondering how long can salt and light last if we continue to give ourselves of relentlessly. That is when, Francis answers, “the power of God comes into play, because the Christian is salt given to us by God during Baptism, it’s a gift that never ends,” you continue to receive it as a gift if you continue to give, illuminating and giving. It never ends. ”

As narrated in the First Reading taken from the Book of Kings. In the text, the widow of Zarephath trusts the prophet Elijah and her flour and oil never end. Therefore, the Pope invited the Christians: “Enlighten with your light, but defend yourself from the temptation to enlighten yourself. This is a bad thing, it is a kind of  ‘mirror spirituality: I enlighten myself. Defend yourself from the temptation to treat yourself. Be light to illuminate, be salt to give flavor and preserve.”

Salt and light, he continued, “are not for themselves”; they need to be given to others “through good works.” Therefore, he urged, “let your light shine before men. Why? So that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven. I.e.: return to the One who gave you the light and gave you the salt.” “May the Lord help us – the Pope has prayed -, to always have light in our heart, not to hide it, put it high.” And the salt, “give it with measure, the needed quantity, but give it”, to make it grow. “These – he concluded – are a Christian’s good works.”

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