The power of the Spirit

  • Italiano

Perhaps it is easier to think about refugees than about the marginalized people around us, who are often isolated because of us. There is almost nothing we can do for the refugees who come from far and usually remain distant from us. Whereas in the case of people who are closer, we can choose whether to accept them or not.

Very often we are excluded, neglected, and sidelined ourselves. These are extreme cases, able, however, to destroy a life. Feeling ignored or despised – just because you are not someone’s friend or acquaintance, or just because your opinion is different from that of the others – can mark a person’s life forever. The knowledge and skills they have do not matter. If someone feels threatened by us – and fears not being as good as us – will eventually neutralize us.

Everyone should have the opportunity to use their talents. Yet, often arrogant people and bullies prevent them from doing so. The latter will be entrusted with the most lucrative and rewarding jobs in a society that tends to alienate those who cannot emerge elbowing.

Of course, sadness and pain are born in the heart of the victims. Life seems to grow meaningless. Thus, after years of studies and waiting, we feel useless, we feel like we have done everything wrong. Who needs us? What is the point of the good qualities we possess?

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why the Holy Spirit is called the Paraclete, i.e., “comforter”, “lawyer”, and “mouthpiece.” He observes and knows our hearts. He understands our aspirations and our background. He makes us understand the meaning of our life, our values and mission to which we are called, in spite of everything. He reminds us that every single person on Earth is important. His commitment consists in making it visible.

He brings perseverance and hope into our hearts. He allows us to overcome the state of marginalization in which we live. He helps us (through His omnipresence) find place in the hearts of the others, to make the light of our message shine. Finally, He allows us to communicate what is in our hearts and make it understandable.

Often, He helps us not to get discouraged when our message is not heard or accepted. Deep in our hearts, He keeps the flame of meaning and confidence alive. He allows us to believe that we are more than simply useful, because God loves us, unique in His creative and saving plan, unique. Hence, when we begin to have doubts about our purpose in this world, let the Spirit defend us before we become an obstacle to our own happiness.

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