Women’s economy

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Women’s insufficient participation and involvement in the labor market, the issue of the wage gap, poor access to senior positions, the issues of women’s representation and representativity at all levels are still among the main obstacles on the path of realization of the principle of equality and equal opportunities between men and women. To find appropriate solutions to these problems means not only to give answers – contrasting – to the numerous existent discriminations but also ensuring greater financial resources to the families, which with great effort and dignity have given and are still  giving a great contribution against the social consequences an the endless crisis. CISL syndicate has always believed that women’s work generates more jobs – such as services – and protects the family from the risk of poverty, especially in the case of families composed of a single mother with children.

In this period, there is need of significant changes to revive growth and development, the main task of CISL women remains to enhance the result of their culture and women’s sensitivity as means of innovation in social relations and behavioral patterns, aimed at preventing and fighting all forms of discrimination and violence, starting from the working environment. It follows that women’s participation, representation, and representativity should continue to be key challenges for the CISL syndicate and an integral part of the organizational and strategical policies of the trade union.

During this first part of 2016, the National Women Coordination has already taken a number of concrete measures to strengthen its efforts with regard to various questions. It partook in the initiative “In Support of Crucified Women” of February 26, organized and promoted by Pope John XXIII’s Community and concerning the serious phenomenon – in great expansion – of human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution, which involves thousands of women and girls. In the Congress of March 2, after the signature of the 2007 European Agreement on violence in the workplaces, which gave origin to the CISL campaign “Marigold Be Happy at Work”, which will see us actively involved in promoting the acceptance and implementation of the campaign at a local level.

We contributed to writing the recent National Plan on Trafficking, published in late February. On March 8 this year, together with the General Secretariat, we donated the homonymous fund to the Anolf Haven House (in Vercelli) for women victims of violence on an European and national level. We have reproduced the Manifesto of Cess, contrasting women’s segregation at work, both horizontal and vertical, which significantly increases the risk of poverty. Moreover, on April 15, we requested and obtained the circular that makes due the measure imposed on an experimental basis in the Decree. n.80 / 2015 from the National Social Insurance Agency. This circular provides for women employees in the public and private sectors – excluding those in the household sector -, victims of violence, to make use of a period of indemnified leave (up to three months).

As for our next commitments, much of the discussion focused on the Italian National Event scheduled for June 21, whose goal is addressing gender policies in their entirety: the right to vote, maternity, reconciliation, family, poverty, pensions, violence, etc., with a special focus on negotiations, health, safety, and welfare on both national and international levels.

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