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There must be a reason if even members of his own party are trying to stop him. Donald Trump continues to embarrass Republicans with jokes that are unmistakably out of place. The latest one is again about refugees. According to the New York mogul, who has been interviewed by Buzzfeed News, the refugees coming from war zones will make an attack comparable to 9/11 in the United States.

Asked whether such an attack will make people realize the problem of border security, Trump said ‘yes’: “There will be unimaginable attacks, attacks carried out by people who enter our country at present.” The tycoon who aspires to the White House said not to have doubts, because, as he said, “the refugees who are arriving have an Isis flag on their smartphones. Who pays for their subscription?”

Trump remains unchangeably at the center of the debate – increasingly fierier – concerning the electoral campaign for the US presidential elections. Yet, part of the Republicans have not given up and are still looking for an alternative. The Washington Post reported, citing sources from the GOP itself that some members of the party, exacerbated by the tycoon and led by Mitt Romney, are working hard to find an alternative. Their efforts have intensified over the last ten days, as they were realizing that if there is a chance, they need to conclude the matter within two weeks. Any later attempt will be vain.

They bet on the Senator of Nebraska Ben Sasse, a conservative and one of Trump’s fiercest critics, and the governor of Ohio, John Kasich, the moderate par excellence among the GOP candidates who retired from the race on 4 May. This battle takes place entirely behind the scenes and the most heinous clash concerns mostly the hard core of the anti-Trump commandos, which includes those of the slogan “never Trump” and those who even take into consideration the possibility of voting for Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical final showdown between the former first lady and the New York tycoon. For the same reason, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is at risk too, since he is likely to be the first one on the hypothetical blacklist the Trump front might be working at, according to Politico, to strike the enemy in his most vulnerable points: the wallet and power.

The entourage of the millionaire and aspiring president is determined to banish from consultations, relevant and lucrative positions related to the election campaign and the organization of the July convention, those names that have fallen into the temptation of “Never Trump”. N, the main members of the Grand Old Party, the institutional mainstream par excellence, find themselves to be peacemakers and guarantor for the fragile truce improvised with evidence of dialogue between the “alleged” candidate for the GOP nomination, and Paul Ryan, speaker of the House and the highest office of the elected party.

A role seems to have been entrusted to Rience Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, who is the architect behind the Trump-Ryan face to face. He denounces the search for a “third candidate” as a “suicide mission. For the party and for the country.” Still Priebus groped to resize the potential disruptive impact of the investigation conducted by the New York Times on Trump’s relationship with women: Donald Trump will have to answer for his behavior, “but I don’t think he is being judged on the basis of his private life. I think that people will judge him for his ability, or lack of it, to go to Washington and shake the situation. That is why his campaign is going so well.”

 Moreover, he accuses rather overtly a “media operation” in which, according to Priebus, Hillary Clinton is involved: “It is a classic Clinton operation. These things come out now out all of a sudden” he said. It looks like he echoes Trump’s tweet that attacks the New York Times: “Why do you not write the true story about Clinton and women?”. “The media is totally dishonest. I gave to the New York Times many names of women whom I have helped and they have not used them.”

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