Another anti-family landmine

  • Italiano

Attacks on the family in Italy do not stop at the Civil Unions Law, which distorts the Constitution and tears apart the ethical and cultural fabric of the society, equating civil unions of homosexual couples to marriage and paving the way for a future concept of adoption, heterologous insemination, and to surrogate motherhood for these couples, through a legal loophole, the so-called Stepchild adoption, the possibility for one of the two homosexual partners to adopt the other’s child.

An anti-family landmine is also hidden in the so-called “Good School” decree, which became law n.119/2013, and later amended (n.107/2015 law). Under an apparently laudable project of school education that ensures “the implementation of the principles of equal opportunity”, which should also implement the constitutional principles of non-discrimination contained in articles. 3, 4, 29, 37, and 51 in the training plans, so as to ensure an equal social and legal status for all citizens, regardless of sex, social class, sexual orientation, faith, political opinion, economic and social condition, skin color, ability or disability, ensuring all of them an equal access to fundamental rights and primarily the right to work and a decent life, in fact, paragraph 16 of the decree contains normative references to the Istanbul Convention, for example, which specifies that “gender” does not refer to “biological sex”, but to “roles, behaviors, activities and socially constructed attributes.”

Thus, the text of the law paves the way to a dangerous confusion of – sound and just – Education to non-discrimination and respect for all individuals with an ideological indoctrination, which, in the name of equality, cancels and denies natural evidence and, along with it, the value and richness of the cultural civil, educational heritage, of the complementary differences between men and women, male and female, creating confusion and disorientation, especially among children, with serious danger for the balanced formation of their personality and identity.

The educational problem is far more serious and far more complex than the issue of homosexual discrimination, to which it is reduced in the public debate and, unfortunately, in the parliamentary and legislative debate too, and which represents, instead, only one side, a marginal one, as the dramatic numbers of bullying cases in Italy attest.

A Teenage Observatory Research shows that over a third of junior high and high school students have suffered physical or verbal assaults or have witnessed such cases at least once. In the age group between 12 and 14 years old, one student out of two states to have been taunted, insulted, offended, threated, beaten and harassed by their peers; one third are habitual, not episodic victims, with a slight predominance of male students. Between 2012 and 2014, calls received by the helpline almost doubled. The reasons are the most diverse, not only and not primarily sexual orientation, actual or perceived: ugliness or beauty, obesity or compliance to standards of attractiveness, humbleness or belonging to a family that is too posh. There is also homosexuality, like free (or considered such) heterosexuality, and even virginity.

An important and delicate social and cultural problem. It deserves to be treated in greater depth and in its entirety, with intelligence, competence, responsibility, conscientiously, without idealization. The educational emergency in Italy is anthropological, not sexual. The country is in lack of education to respect the dignity of human beings, of every person.

Many laws passed in recent years or still work in progress testify to the results of our individualistic and hedonistic society and politics, which on the one hand represents civil society, whereas it should guide it, on the other hand. Laws are no longer based on anthropology or ethics, but on strength, power, and interest. God has no place in the public debate, woe betide to mention Him, but the lobbies of power do, they have taken His place in the empyrean of decisions. We have gone from a society that denies God, which “kills” the one God symbolically, culturally, and educationally, to a polytheistic society that honors many gods.

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