The Christian Revolution

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Liu Xiaobo

A Christian is – as he must be – a revolutionary. Christianity is a daily revolution for the defense of human beings. A revolution of thought and action that today faces the challenge of a rampant neo-liberalism, which has transformed individuals into servants of the aims pursued by the finance and monetary economy.

Christianity is a daily revolution, whose purpose in neither destabilization nor demolition; it does not want to destroy, go against anyone or anything, nor overthrow or scrap the current system; it only wants to inspire truth and human justice, to make them real through the values of humanity.

A revolutionary is someone who is tragically at odds with the established order. The entire value of this revolution lies in this adverb: tragically. It involves a process of relating to make the ideal of truth and justice real, in love and for love.

Being a Christian is not a label. One cannot boast the title of Catholic simply because he reads the Gospel or goes to Mass. The Gospel must be translated into real life and witnessed in it, every day. Christianity is not an intellectual factor, but a life commitment. We must free ourselves from a legacy of intellectualism and Enlightenment that is still alive in our time, having replaced faith in Jesus Christ with faith in reason and rationality.

Christianity is closeness to all human beings, especially to the weakest and the most fragile. Our teachers are those who do not get anything from life, but give something, those who occupy the lowest social strata and the most important place in the heart of God.

The educated man is not the one who knows many things and accumulates knowledge as wealth and power, but he who lives his humanity fully, even with his suffering.

Political commitment for a believer is the same as cultural, spiritual, and religious commitment. It should seek the humanization. Yet, we often confuse politics with the art of governing a city or settling disputes. The authentic purpose of politics is to help the Man be fully human.

So, no religious proposal can avoid being political at the same time, helping the Man become worthy of his destiny and elevate him in his humanity. No “Civitas Dei“, City of God is separate from the “earthly civitas“. This is the “tragedy” of the Christian revolution: inhabiting the “earthly civitas” while looking towards the “Civitas Dei“, to be worthy of it.

Gianni Fontana

Head of the People’s Solidarity Federation, National Secretary of the Christian Democrats, former Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the Italian Republic, and Secretary for Public Works, Industry and Handicraft

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