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Despite the appeal of the Italian Bishops and the criticism received from many opinion leaders and even fellow MPs, not only from the opposition, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, through Constitutional Reforms Minister Maria Elena Boschi, has decided to give the vote of confidence to the civil unions bill, which bears the name of the parliamentary Monica Cirinnà, confirmed yesterday in the House with 369 yes votes, 193 no votes, and 2 abstentions. Today, takes place the final vote on the draft law that actually changes the concept of family. The Senate approved it on 25 February. This is how Secretary General of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, commented on this decision: “The vote of confidence, not only for this government but also for the past ones, represents a defeat for all of us.”

So, this law is carrying out an extraordinary parliamentary process, extending the discipline of marriage between man and woman to homosexual couples not only in terms of social rights, opening a crack, a real wound, in the Country. Massimo Gandolfini, the chairman of the Committee “Let us defend our children”, which organized the three Family Days in 2007, 2015 and 2016 – national events in defense of the family, founded on a stable union between a man and a woman, open to filiation, as it is enshrined also in the Italian Constitution – said it is strongly “divisive” for the Italian community, and more than one political analyst has even defined it detrimental for the social fabric.

It is certainly a defeat, a slap in the face of the “people of the family” that went out in the streets on 30 January this year o protest against the Cirinnà bill. A very active member of the Committee “Let us defend our children,” was the reporter Constance Miriano, mother of four and author of the provocative book Get Married and You Will Be Subjugated, followed by Marry Her and Die for Her, and the recently published When We Were Women (Sonzogno, 15 euros). On 19 March, the day of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, she announced on her blog www.costanzamiriano.com that she was resigning from the Committee because the latter sided politically. Interris interviewed her.

How do you judge this civil unions law and the government’s decision to give it vote of confidence?

“I left the Committee ‘Let us defend our children’ because it became political and I, as a Rai journalist, believe I do not have to take a stand. Of course, from an ethical point of view, it was wrong to give vote of confidence on such a sensitive issue. As for the text of the law, I have said several times that I do not agree with it, especially since, pretending to be a law of civility that extends rights, actually it proposes an anthropological concept that does not correspond to the natural situation and to God’s plan for ‘humanity: ‘God created them male and female, and told them: Be fruitful'”.

On your blog, in a post titled “Cicero vs Cirinnà”, you quote the Roman jurist who wrote: “It is not permissible to make any changes to the true law, which is in conformity with nature, constant, and eternal.” This law of the State, however, distorts the law of nature, to impose an ideology as a right…

“It is obvious. What I contend the most, in fact, is that this question is being put forward as a acknowledgement of rights to those who do not have them, as if it were an equality issue. The rights of the people were already protected. Marriage is a civil institution for the protection of children, the rights of children, not of the adults. And children have the right to a father and a mother. The propaganda has used the instrument of deception. We were accused of being homophobic and of wanting to deny freedom to someone. This is how you transform reality. A loving relationship is essential, but not sufficient to be a family. The law applies an ideological twist to impose a new anthropological conception of humanity. In fact, it introduces a second marriage for same-sex couples. The issue at stake is cultural.”

In another post, in fact, you quote Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger, in the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate: “The social question has become a radically anthropological question.” Is a new model of human being proposed and imposed through the tool of this law?

“Absolutely yes. That is why we opposed it so strongly. The problem is not that two homosexuals can formalize their union in front of the public official, or that they can exercise some social rights; the problem concerns the truth about human beings and the family, make no mistake. Human beings are born from a man and a woman, a male and a female united in marriage to ensure stability and security to their children. They can do whatever they want, but without prejudice to the truth.”

Has the Committee “Let us defend our children” failed?

“I would not say it. We wanted to speak out loud that Christian anthropology is alive, that it is not an ‘outdated view’, not bigoted, but authentic. I smile when people ask me if I believe in the ‘traditional’ family. There is only one family, always and forever. The Family Day announced the truth of the human being against those who wave rainbows to cover a gloomy ideological propaganda, whose aggressiveness is unprecedented. Over one million Italians, with their own means, spending their own money – and in some cases they had little money -, with fatigue, facing hours-long journeys, gathered in Rome to say that we do not yield to cultural blackmail, we will not buy into the story of civilization change and progress. Politics has failed, not the people of the families”.

What do you think about the statements made by Monsignor Galantino? Did Italian families feel “alone” in this battle?

“It is not my job to judge shepherds. The sheep feel comforted when their shepherds are at their side, speaking out loud. Undeniably, we felt alone.”

To deserve the vote of confidence, politics should adopt measures that give confidence to the family, to the Italian families, should it not?

“I do not believe much in family policies. There have been plenty of statements, but little action. Not much is needed. For example, fair taxation, to help large families, fiscal and economic incentives, support for education, such as free museum and other cultural sites tickets for children. Exactly because it is primarily a cultural isuse, before being a political one.”

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