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During the homily of the Mass at St. Martha’s House, Pope Francis talked about the life of a Christian. Commenting on a passage from the Letter of Saint John, the one in which the Apostle makes believers face the serious responsibility of not having duplicity of life – facade light and darkness in their hearts – because God is only light. Bergoglio said: “If you say you are in communion with the Lord, walking in the light! But do not have a double life! Don’t! The lie we are so used to see, to the point of believing it ourselves. To say things and act otherwise, right? Always tempted… We know where lies come from: in the Bible, Jesus calls the devil ‘father of lies’, the liar. Therefore, gently, with a lot of kindness, this grandfather tells the ‘teenage’ Church, the Church that is still a girl: ‘Do not be a liar! You are in communion with God, walk in the light. Do acts of light, do not say things while acting otherwise, reject double life and all those things.”

“My children”, is the opening of the letter of St. John taken from the New Testament. In this affectionate beginning – the tone of a grandfather towards his “young grandchildren” – echoes, observed the Pope, the “sweetness” of the words of the daily Gospel, where Jesus defines his yoke as “light” and promises “relief” to the weary and oppressed. Similarly, John’s appeal, Francis says, is not to sin, “but if someone did so, do not be disheartened”: “We have a Paraclete, a word, a lawyer, a defender close to the Father, Jesus Christ, the Righteous. He justifies us, He gives us grace. One would like to tell this grandfather who advises us the following: ‘But is not a bad thing to be sinful?’ ‘No, sin is ugly! But if you have sinned, know that Someone is waiting for you to forgive them!’ Always! Because He – God – is greater than our sins.”

Reiterating the key question of the current jubilee, Francis says that this “is the mercy of God, the greatness of God.” He knows that “we are nothing”, that only strength only comes “from Him”, therefore he “always awaits us”: “Let us walk in the light, because God is Light. Do not walk with one foot in the light and the other in darkness. Don’t be liars. And the other: all of us have sinned. No one can say: ‘He is a sinner; She is a sinner. Thank God, I am righteous’. No, there is only one rightful, the One who paid for us. And if anyone sins, He is waiting for us, He forgives us, because He is merciful, He knows us, and remembers that we are dust.” “May the joy that comes from this Reading – the Pope concluded – make us move forward in the simplicity and transparency of Christian life, especially when we address the Lord. With truth”.

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