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The barefoot Saint will descend from the mountain and shake the kingdom before the tomb of the barefoot, blessed by the Holy Virgin. Listen to his word. Holy Mary, daughter and mother of God, lady of the future time, muster your children from the countryside, so they can destroy the two Babylons. With these words, John XXIII would have preconized Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s Pontificate, in prophecies that date back to times when he was still an apostolic nuncio in Turkey. These predictions were published in an out-of-print volume, Pope John’s Prophecies (Edizioni Mediterranee, 1976), by the journalist Pier Carpi who died in 2000. Visions concerning the future of the Good Pope reach out till 2033.

Descend from the mountain… in fact, we know that Bergoglio’s family is of Piedmontese origin. And choosing the Name of the barefoot Saint from Assisisi, Francis certainly shook an ecclesiastical system that had become of concrete. Pope Roncalli’s foresight goes on as follows: Earth will destroy concrete, Queen, and your new Church will be made of earth. And on the earth, there will be grain for your hungry peoples, a flower on its new altar. That Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ, seeks to re-establish the Church on the authentic and original values ​​of Christianity, faith in Jesus, the Emmanuel, the Savior. He bears witness and preaches the privileged love for the humble and undermines an idea of power as privilege and honor. Thus, the Church resurrects in the simplicity of the Gospel values ​​and finds its unity. The Two Babylons are destroyed, the separation between the Eastern and Western Christian Churches will be remedied. This is the most beautiful fruit to offer to the Virgin Mary, like a flower that comes from the seeds of Christian love.

And one shall be the Mother, just as you are one. Christian churches will eventually merged into one. After centuries of separation, there will be only one Church. Pope Francis’s meeting in Cuba with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill is the sign of the upcoming fulfillment of this time of Grace.

John XXIII had first predicted Benedict XVI’s resignation, the “double Pontificate” with Francis, as brothers in Jesus Christ, and even the fact that Pope Emeritus will not be buried in the Vatican, but in Germany and that he will be remembered as a Doctor of the Church. In fact, we read: Your kingdom will be great and short, Father, but it will take you far, far away to the land where you were born and where you will be buried. And: there will be another Father, before your burial, who will pray for you and for the wounds of the Mother far away. And still: Then peace time will come, and the name of Albert will be high on the tombstone. Joseph Ratzinger is German, like Albertus Magnus who was a philosopher, theologian, and patron of scientists too. Benedict XVI was the advocate of dialogue and “new alliance” between science and faith. There are more than a few similarities between the Father of the late medieval church and the third-millennium Pontiff of “great refusal”. Albert the Great spent the last years of his life in isolation too. He was ordained bishop in Regensburg, where Benedict XVI pronounced his famous lectio magistralis on faith, reason, and rationality.

Francis’s Pontificate will be short too, according to the prophecies of the Good Pope. Two brothers, and no one will be a true Father. The Mother will be a widow. And the time of Christ is coming. Before the last light, pastors will recognize the sign. And the Mother will have many Fathers, and all of them will be brothers. Before the end of time, apostolic collegiality, the mandate of Jesus to his disciples, will be fulfilled. Peter was and still is primus inter pares, the Pope is the bishop of the bishops.

It will be the time of God on earth. The time of truth, which is simpler than everyone has said or written. According to the prophecies of John XXIII, the last judgment should happen in 2033. A judgment of mercy, love, and forgiveness: It will be a good judgment. Our Father, who art in heaven, your kingdom comes. Your will has been done, on earth as it is in heaven. Twenty centuries plus the age of the Savior. Amen.

The visions of the Good Pope concerning the future seem to interconnect with the secrets of the apparitions to Medjugorje visionaries. A slap in the face of those who doubt their authenticity.

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