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Many – several hundred people – have died at the bottom of the sea in the last few hours and who knows how many other of them are in what has come to be called a liquid cemetery. Some say that the Mediterranean has transformed into this huge tomb necessary to ease the African continent whose population growth is impressive, with all the related issues.

Accomplices of this horror – in which also children lose their lives – are the mercenaries who prepare rubber dinghies with punctures in them, faulty life jackets to make them sink deliberately in front of the inert Western countries with no history nor memory anymore, which no longer remember their own migrations back in times, when Italians and other Europeans hoped to find reception and work in countries such as the United States.

Those refugees who manage to reach Europe, almost become prisoners of a confused and sometimes corrupt system; while there are heroic people who help these lives and are dedicated heart and soul to saving them; but we see also barbed wire, fences, and above all substantial incapacity to provide for necessary authentic integration policies. There is a sneaky and hypocritical market that speculates on these desperate people, rearing ignorance and chaos. All this is convenient to the many money-hungry wolves who see these people merely as a way to earn money, as it has been well described by Mafia-Capitale, the notorious investigation on corruption and mob infiltration in Rome’s administration.

Meanwhile, those who arrive to Europe still live in fear of being deported; the little ones are exhausted and survive in conditions that are inhuman, as the Pope has shown with his journey to Lesbos. The cry of the child who kneeled before the Pope shook many consciences. Yet, not all Catholics have liked Francis’ choice; some of them envisage all this as an action that would encourage the arrival of a larger number of refugees. There are also those who continue to build walls and our values keep sinking together with the poor refugees.

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