BERGOGLIO AT ST. MARTHA’S HOUSE: ”JESUS IS THE DOOR, THE WAY, AND THE VOICE THAT GUIDES US” ''Christian life is so simple'', Pope Francis explains during the morning homily

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During the morning homily at St. Martha’s House, Pope Francis takes cue from today’s Gospel on the Good Shepherd. Jesus – the Pope warns – says that “he who does not enter the sheepfold through the door is a thief and a robber.” He is the door – Francis warned -: “There are no others.” “The Lord speaks very clearly. There is no way you can enter eternal life but through the door, that is, through Jesus. It is the door of our life, not only of eternal life, but also of our daily lives. Do I take this decision, for example, in the name of Jesus, through Jesus the Door, or do I – let us put it in simple words – smuggle it?”

Jesus – he goes on – is the Shepherd who knows his sheep, he is “walking in front of them, and the sheep follow him.” That is the journey – the Pope says – “follow Jesus” on the “path of life, of your everyday life.” “Those who follow Jesus do not make mistakes! Father, you are right, but things are complicated… So many times I cannot see clearly what I have to do… I was told that there was a clairvoyant and I went there, or I went to a fortuneteller and he pulled the cards for me…'”. “Jesus warned us: ‘Others will come and say: this or that is Messiah’s way… Do not listen! Do not hear them. I am the way!’ Jesus is both the door and the way. If we follow Him, we will not make any mistakes”.

Francis then dwelt on the Good Shepherd’s voice. “The sheep – he says – follow him because they know his voice.” But how can we recognize Jesus’s voice – Francis wonders -, and defend ourselves from “the voice of those who are not Jesus?” “Christian life is so simple – the Pope says – Jesus is the door; he guides us along the way and we are familiar with His voice in the Beatitudes, in the works of mercy, and when He teaches us to say ‘Father'”. “Remember – he finishes his speech – the door, the path and the voice. May the Lord make us understand this image of Jesus, this icon: the pastor who guides, shows the way, and teaches us to listen to his voice.”

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