The world is upside down

  • Italiano

We hear all sorts of things at present. Strasbourg solemnly scolded Italy for being discriminatory towards the doctors who practice abortion; all of a sudden, they have become the ‘poor things’ who suppress the others’ lives and at the same time cry to protect their right to be able to do it better. Europe is so careful and scrupulous towards Italy, ensuring the extermination of the little creatures huddled in their mothers’ wombs. Instead of encouraging population growth in a country that is old, it tells it off for not making abortions ‘smoother’.

Thus, the value of human life dramatically drops, the fiasco of existence is already taking place under everyone’s gaze. The sight of helicopters shooting and injuring unarmed refugees does not shock us that much anymore; the sight of innocent people being who are savagely punished does not baffle us anymore. In Italy it is possible to bear the fact that other governments remain silent on the torture and barbaric assassination of one its fellow countrymen, as those who were miraculously saved from the same fate tell Italians. But business is business, and as it often happens, it has the final word.

The weak and the oppressed are persecuted and treated worse than criminals and Christians are slaughtered in many parts of the world. Meanwhile, terrorists deride the West and extol destruction: indeed, these are the people who are given voice and prominence! Someone may even be pleased to have a murderer as a father who blew up a number of honest people and public servants.

They can shamelessly promote their books even in the State Network, mocking live the many family members of the victims, people who will never see their loved ones again. Meantime, there are enough people who cry foul while they have powerfully arranged to hide the money they are accumulating in Panama and in many other tax havens… Who knows why! Certainly they have not stolen them to their citizens.

Poverty, unemployment, and despair keep growing. Hunger is increasing too and we see it in our canteens. Watching advertisements with malnourished children some of us may think that such things happen only in Africa. But the world is truly upside down now and we can no longer understand anything. Even the Eternal Father is insulted or even blamed for our immodesty, whereas his ministers, no matter what their religion is, do not defend nor represent Him properly.

Yet, our possibility to hope for change comes from Him. The world seems to be dying along with our values; but revival is possible in those who still have the courage to bet on the Infinite. Something or someone is trying to turn mankind upside down. The guilty approach we should not adopt is pretending that nothing happens.

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