BERGOGLIO: MARY’S ”YES” OPENS THE DOOR TO JESUS’ ”YES” During the homily at St. Martha's House the Pope was inspired by the Solemnity of the Annunciation

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During the morning homily at St. Martha’s House, the first one after the break due to Easter holidays, Pope Francis spoke about faith. Taking a cue from the Feast of the Annunciation, he stressed that “Mary’s ‘yes’ opens the door to Jesus’ ‘yes’”. In the first reading, Abraham obeys the Lord answering his call with ‘Yes’ and departing from his land towards an unknown destination. The Pontiff emphasized the ‘‘humanity of men and women’’ in which even the ‘‘elderly’’ such as Abraham or Moses “said yes to the Lord’s hope.” But – he added – let us think also about Isaiah who, “when the Lord tells him to go and tell it to the people,” says his “lips are unclean”. The Lord, however, “purified Isaiah’s lips, and Isaiah says yes!” The same goes for Jeremiah who thought he was unable to speak, then he said ‘yes’ to the Lord.

The most important “fiat“, however, was Mary’s. She allowed the coming of the Savior: “Today’s Gospel tells us the end of this chain of ‘yes’, but the beginning of another ‘yes’, which begins to grow: Mary’s yes. And that ‘yes’ does not only make God look at how man goes, but makes Him walk with his people, makes Him become one of us and take our flesh. Mary’s ‘yes’ opens the door to the ‘yes’ of Jesus: ‘I have come to do your will’, the ‘yes’ that accompanies Jesus throughout His life, till the Cross.” Francis dwells also on Jesus’ ‘yes’ in the Garden, aware of the pain it was going to bring down on Him, he asked the Father to take the cup away from Him, but adds “Thy will be done”. In Jesus Christ, therefore, “there is the ‘yes’ of God: He is the ‘yes'”.

Then, the Pope addressed a thought to some priests celebrating the 50th anniversary of their Holy Orders who were present: “All of us, every day, have to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and think if we always say ‘yes’ or hide too often, with our heads down, like Adam and Eve, not to… say ‘no’, but pretend we do not understand… pretend we do not understand what God is asking from us. Today it is the feast of the ‘yes’. In Mary’s ‘yes’ there is the ‘yes’ of the whole history of salvation, and there begins the last ‘yes’ of man and of God.”

Today – concludes the Holy Father – “is a day to thank God and ask ourselves:’am I a man or a woman of ‘yes’ or am I a man or woman of ‘no’, or a man or woman who looks away, not to answer?’ May the Lord give us the grace to enter this road of men and women who were able to say yes. “After the homily, the Vincentian Sisters renewed their vows. “They do it every year – the Pope explained – because St. Vincent was smart and knew that the mission he entrusted to them was very difficult and he wanted them to renew their oaths every year”.

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