REGENI’S ASSASSINATION: A MEETING BETWEEN ITALIAN AND EGYPTIAN INVESTIGATORS WILL TAKE PLACE ON APRIL 5 The Interior Ministry of Cairo has prepared a dossier "on the circumstances of the murder." The Egyptian Secret Service had been following Giulio for days

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Rome is waiting to receive a detailed report on the killing of the Italian young researcher Giulio Regeni in Cairo, which is still wrapped in mystery. The young man’s lifeless body with signs of long torture was found on February 3 on the highway in the direction of Alexandria. Repeatedly solicited by the Italian judicial authorities, it seems that the report will be finally delivered next Tuesday, April 5, during the meeting between Italian and Egyptian investigators in planned in Rome, in the headquarters of Criminalpol. At its conclusion, the Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni will send an urgent report to the Chamber of Deputies.

For the first time, the Egyptian government seems to admit that Regeni was followed by its secret services. We cannot exclude, however, that they want to attribute the responsibility for what happened to the diverted Services. In an interview with the national daily Al Shourouk during his stay in Washington for the Summit on Nuclear Safety, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri said that “Giulio Regeni’s assassination is an isolated act and it has to be evaluated in this framework, considering the determination and total commitment of the government and of the security apparatus in an effort to find out truth and arrest his murderers.”

Security sources told the local newspaper “Akhbar el-Yom” that “an Egyptian security delegation decided to travel to Italy to present the latest results of the Egyptian investigation on this case”. The Egyptian Interior Ministry has prepared a “complete dossier concerning the circumstances of the murder”, which will be delivered to the public prosecutor of Rome Giuseppe Pignatone. The latter, along with the prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco, said he was certain this information is “essential” documentation to make progress towards the truth, after numerous attempts at misdirection at the hand of the Egyptian authorities. The last one was the insinuation of the fact that Regeni might have been involved in archaeological finds traffic managed by local criminal gangs. This version, which seems to be partially confirmed also in the report prepared for the Italian judicial authorities.

The “Regeni dossier” includes – according to sources – numerous documents, including photos and videos, “obtained by the Egyptian security apparatus”, along with “comprehensive information about Giulio from his arrival to Cairo till the time of his disappearance and the discovery of his body, about his numerous relations and his meetings with the workers and leaders of some unions, on which he was doing research.”

In the report, they contain “detailed testimonies of friends on his movements in recent days in Cairo and those of his neighbors from the Doqqi neighborhood in Giza” as well as “all the specifics concerning his death and of the elements of the band with which the personal effects of Regeni were found, important information about this band and its crimes, such as robberies and the damage of the Italian ‘David’ a few months ago in Cairo.” Egyptian investigators will show “the personal effects found in the house of sister of the main accused of the Qalyubiya band, i.e., a red bag with a coat of arms of the Italian flag,” which contained “a brown leather wallet, Giulio Regeni’s passport, the American University and the University of Cambridge cards, a visa and two mobile phones”.

The dossier of the Egyptian Interior Ministry has included its “assumptions on the incident, its implications, and the way they are working on this case.” “The ministry – reads the government’s statement – has promised new efforts, in coordination with the Italian team, so as to identify the murderers involved in Regeni’s assassination and to bring them to justice as soon as possible”.

“The story is very complicated. We are working hard so the Italian magistrates have access to all the documents. We are committed to making this happen without any hesitation, “Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi recently commented. In light of the complexity of the situation, the delicacy of the diplomatic relations and the large geographical area where clues concerning the murder had been found, Attorney General Pignatone decided to create an investigation team, whose members are from the technical office, so as to connect all the strands of the investigation.

On the eve of the meeting that will take place on April 5, a meeting was held in the Palace of Justice in Rome between prosecutor Colaiocco with the six investigators from the Central Operational Service of State Police (SCO) and Special Police Team (Ros), which have been conducting investigations in Egypt for over a month now. Today’s debate springs from the need to obtain – among the acts asked from the Egyptians – also the phone records and cell phone traffic of about a dozen people, including Giulio Regeni’s friends and acquaintances, to reconstruct the movements of the Italian researcher in the days before his death.

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