Reacting to Europe’s weaknesses

  • Italiano

The lack of a shared European international politics is currently affecting several questions that see Europe as vulnerable and fragile. On the question of migrant and refugee management we have witnessed, with the EU-Turkey agreement, a substantial “transfer of sovereignty in favor of third parties”, largely due to selfishness and populism, which are strongly increasing in some of the Member States, with regard to a subject that concerns also the Italian mainland, since that is where many of the people who are fleeing from war, conflicts, and disasters, want to come.
An agreement that our General Secretary Anna Maria Furlan did not hesitate to define ‘unacceptable’, which swaps hospitality and humanity towards refugees for funding Turkey, so as to contain the unstoppable flow of immigrants and refugees. Not to mention the recent bombings in Brussels, which show the extent of Europe’s impotence: it is unable to build a shared strategy between the national intelligence services, so as to make them effective against terrorism. In the face of all that, it is hard not to be concerned and not to be afraid, and fear is a feeling that tends to change our habits and on which terrorists – who disapprove of our way of life – have built their crazy strategy. The best way to contrast this exasperated these “cultural antagonism and religious fanaticism” consists in continuing our regular everyday life, with joys, sacrifices, work, and democratic conquests, and without much ado.
In quality of women members of the CISL Syndicate, we followed with special attention in this period the work of the 60th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) held in New York from March 14 to 24. There, violence against women, has been an important matter both during the Commission’s work and during the debates that have occurred in the context of the numerous initiatives for the occasion hosted inside the UN headquarters. The Commission has addressed, in fact, not only the priority topic of this edition, that is, the ‘”women empowerment and their link with sustainable development”, it has also evaluated the progress in the implementation of the conclusions agreed during the 57th session in 2013, that is to say, “the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls.”
As to the priority question, the conclusions of the Commission reaffirmed the validity and relevance of the Beijing Platform for Action, together with other actions taken during all the major conferences and summits of the United Nations, which has helped shape the new agenda for sustainable development, whose goal is not to leave anyone behind.
It welcomed also the renewal of commitments to gender equality and to the empowerment of women and girls, which is a key instrument for the implementation of the Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2030, stressing that the full achievement of sustainable development is not possible if the human rights and equal opportunities of one half of humanity continue to be denied. Besides, it acknowledged that in the universal context of gender equality no country has achieved significant levels of equality between men and women and, therefore, it becomes an urgency to give effective implementation on a national level, strengthening rules and political and institutional strategies. Systematic integration of the gender perspective in the implementation of Agenda remains unanimously a fundamental point.
In quality of women members CISL Syndicate, sharing the Commission’s final recommendations, we emphasize the need to stay alert, so as to be able to find concrete application in the policies and actions of a cultural strategies in every country, for which we point out with great disappointment the lack of a Minister of Equal Opportunities. For our part, we will make everything in our power for the agenda to be transformed into tangible reality.

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