From despair to hope

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As we observe the events of our time, our sense of dismay, inadequacy, and impotence is palpable. Beyond the more or less optimistic statements of the governments, what we have is a feeling of defeat. This world of ours seems to have fallen into an irreversible process: the constant cruelty of the attacks that shock the West, poverty and despair in African countries, the Middle East and beyond, corruption meandering in every nation and which pervades daily life, economic crisis which is destroying families, and the absence of values which casts its shadow on the new generations, the questioning of the fundamental values of our society, the annihilation of the person, relativism which surrounds every aspect of community life, offering us terrible examples of inaffectivity which leads to heinous crimes.

We can reasonably think that our society is dead. We can give up on future, hope, and on the ability to recover. And that is how things would be if only we remain anchored only to the transience of earthly desire and human arrogance. Without a vision that goes beyond the quota, there can be no hope. We have stopped at the grave of this millennium and are unable to think positive. Only if we recover Faith, which brings with it the values that give meaning to existence, we can be born again to new life.

One of Joseph Ratzinger’s meditations on the Holy Saturday may be useful to understand our time: “The Holy Saturday is empty, the heavy stone of the new tomb covers the deceased, everything is over, and faith seems to have been unmasked and fanaticism. No God saved this Jesus who posed as His Son. You can be sure that cautious people – who used to hesitate a bit in their hearts as to whether things could be different – were right. The Holy Saturday: the day of God’s burial; is it not striking our day? Is our century not beginning to be a great Holy Saturday, the day of God’s absence, when disciples have a chilling void in their heart that grows ever more, and for these reason they prepare, full of shame and anguish, to return home and set out gloomy and destroyed in their desperation towards Emmaus, not realizing at all that the one who was believed to be dead is among them?”

It is hard to put it more clearly what is the necessary path to get out of the darkness of this historical moment. Welcoming, mutual support, honesty, respect for human dignity, and care for the Created are the paths we need to walk to rebalance the world; Faith is what allows us to see this path more clearly. Start walking, getting out of darkness back into light.

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