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These hours, many of us are wondering how a high-risk country such as Belgium could have underestimated the signals received long time ago on a possible jihadist attack in Brussels. We are stunned by the terrorists’ effectiveness, but also by the inefficiency of those who could have monitored, thus preventing the massacres that struck vulnerable targets, such as airports and subways. It is not easy to have full control of the territory, but the days after Salah Abdeslam’s arrest, maximum attention should have been paid.

The mastermind of the massacres in Paris had managed to hide in its neighborhood for months. It means it enjoyed relevant protection in a city which was thoroughly kept under control. All this seems incredible to European citizens who could not understand how the major Western intelligence failed to stop these criminals. The European Union, for its part, pays the price of its divisions on all fronts. Division concerns also safety, which should be at the top of Europe’s priorities.

This season seems to be the beginning of a time when religions will be set against each other more and more. It is true that the persecution of the Christians is growing in many parts of the world, but it proves the political problem of a system unable to promote diversity and straining just to use everything to obtain profits. A devilish mechanism hides behind these perverse and horrible disasters, where the innocents are always the ones to pay. Politicians’ habitual mourning does no longer suffice. We must continue to fight against those who promote terror also on an ideological level. Regardless of the language violence can adopt, it will never help to reconcile peoples. The response to the jihad will not promote revenge: the only “weapon” to be used is peace.

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